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UGANDA: Kidnapping advice

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Received via #UgandaNewsBriefing group on WhatsApp.

IMPORTANT ADVISE: KIDNAP FOR RANSOM. (This may save you, Do not ignore)

The case of Joan Namazzi (RIP), the student of St. Mark’s college, Namagoma who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered as the parents failed to raise the 2 million shillings Ransom demanded for. Even days after, the killers still proceed to call and torment the parents, heartlessly.


1.The kidnappers had just dumped another body of their victim of about the same age at the same spot a few days earlier. A MUBS student had been killed in the same familiar manner Therefore, it is an operational gang now.

2.They are most likely, an organized but amateur type of criminal serial killers. This implies that they are more likely to kill their victim whether ransom is paid or not.

3.They are most likely operating in taxi parks as touts, especially the old one. They lure victims who apparently may not know their destinations well to another Taxi full of the gang members who then forcefully drive off to their hidden locations.

4.They utilise a victim’s phone to contact relatives for ransom, not their own to avoid being traced. Therefore, it is only when you have a mobile phone that you are at a higher risk of being kidnapped.

5.They are targeting Young ladies only. So far, their suspected victims have all been ladies.

REMEDIES: To avoid falling a victim or what to do in the event.

1: Avoid travelling alone at most times especially if you are a lady…in this Uganda of today.

2. Avoid going for “outings” when you do not have somebody you trust with a Car. Boda bodas have been known to “sell” their passengers to these criminal gangs for a commission. I have been a victim of this scenario 3 times.

3. Move only for a DATE or outing with somebody you have known for a while and notify 5 RANDOM people before you go anywhere, even if he is a course mate, classmate, friend etc. Notify, others in Text, whatsapp, facebook posts etc about location, name of your Date etc. And keep updating.

4.Avoid asking help from men in the Taxi parks. Take your time and search around the park or ask other passengers. 30% of apparent workers in the taxi parks are actually idling crooks.

5.Use your instinct and read posters on Taxis. Why should a Taxi heading to Bweyogerere be parked near a one heading to Nansana?

6. Fathers should endeavour to know the location of their daughters at every particular time whether they are above 30 years and you the daughter should ensure this happens. And I said “father” or male Guardian not mother. There is difference between how a male who loves you would react to these unfortunate events as compared to a female response.

7.Avoid phones for girls under 18 years of age. If you are above 18 and you have a smart phone, ensure that the LOCATION and GPS setting is ON at all times. This can be used to Track your location with utmost accuracy.

8.Ensure you ALWAYS record and communicate the Number plate of ANY vehicle and Communicate in TEXT to friends or anyone you trust BEFORE you board. (This is cumbersome and boring but when one is kidnapped, it does 80% of the work for Security agencies)


1.Do not be defensive. It is of no use. .Calm down and “play along wisely”. Your ultimate goal is to STAY ALIVE as long as possible and showing a rebellious attitude is not a good thing for a Ransom seeker. Remember, he loses nothing by killing you.

2.Forge “nice-ness”. They are still humans. Given a chance, initiate conversation with your keeper.

3.Do ANYTHING they ask without struggle you and pretend not to be bothered. Remember, your life is more important than ANYTHING at this moment.

4.Make them have a belief that your relatives have a capacity to pay the ransom even if you are aware that they do not. Give them the confidence that you are “loved” and that sooner or later, the money shall be brought. This will give the security agencies enough time to search before you are harmed. The moment a Ransom seeker loses hope, you are finished. Your life relies on his Hope at this time, so give him a false one.


1.Report to the nearest Police station. If Police is un bothered, then walk to the nearest Military Facility, RRU, CMI or ISO office they will help. Do not yield to the Kidnapper’s threat of “do not tell anyone”. Either way, they can’t be trusted.

2.NEVER pay the Ransom. It is a gamble. There is actually a 90% likelihood that the victim will be killed whether you pay or not since these are criminal AMATEURS who are not confident about their works and anonymity unlike Criminal gangs in the developed world. They therefore believe that if the victim is let to go, they can be traced. So, if you pay, you may lose both the money and the victim as in the case of the young baby khan #kakama .

4. BUT, Promise them payment of the Ransom. In fact, to be more convincing, “negotiate” it downwards and say for instance, “I don’t have the 5 million but I can only afford 3million. Then delay by telling them you need some time to collect it from wherever. This gives them hope.

3.The government is mandated to “arrange” for the “payment” of this Ransom. This is normally one of the best tools by security to capture the criminals so DO NOT jeopardise it by pretending to be Clever. It is not your work, there are people we TRAIN and pay to help us in the event of such misfortunes and you are not one of them. Leave everything for the state to handle. Just forward details as requested. The rest is for God.


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