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UGANDA: How to benefit from Social Media is now a reality

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Some of you remember a story I shared many years ago of when my brother James electrocuted me and I arose from death then went for his blood.

That brat had wired up the boys quarters door to the socket and yelled through the window that the door was stuck and “Leah come open the door for me”.  So I run up the steps to open the door for him and get a current that throws me down the hill.

When father was called by our neighbour nurse who was then the nurse for Mbuya barracks, he drives super fast because someone was trying to kill his little princess.

Dusted off myself and told him “James tried to kill me.  Show me how to wire up electricity so I can also electrocute him”.

Father takes me to the home library and shows me all sorts of books and hands me the one on Physics and tells me to read.  I was in P5 but loved reading with a fury.  So I figured out how to wire things up and ground them so no one could be killed because electricity is not fun.

We now have kids who do not read.  They hate reading. They will read the first line or paragraph and shelve whatever it is or even abuse you for sharing it on Social Media.

Over the last 2 days, all my friends and frenemies will testify that I have been sharing things related to self employment, starting a business, running a business, nebilala nebilala.

Social Media is very powerful if you use it properly.  You can learn a lot and find many opportunities in every area of life and so WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?

However, to benefit, one needs to have been reading. Certainly, the people who wrote what I shared have no axe to grind so they shared what they have lived and do it for free.

Until Uganda brings back the culture of reading, JOBLESS BROTHERHOOD will remain a very viable Corporation.  The only way we will kill this corporation is through massive information infusion to all the 20 or 30 million unemployed youth.  OR we should just arrest the damn company and force it to be renamed EMPLOYED BROTHERHOOD.

Who even prides themselves on running a company called JOBLESS?  But we have the other one NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UNEMPLOYED.

God please come or else we will let Museveni, Kayihura, Tumukunde, Kitata, Ssobi employ them all at their own peril.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Born in a SHITHOLE, Uganda but saved by READING.

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