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UGANDA: Did Gen. Kalekyezi offend only Rwandese dissidents???

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“For us we are small people; agents.  I work on orders; the Commander-in-chief’s orders.  When you are going to war, the Commander-In-Chief gives you instruments of war.  He gave me an order ………Do I have a choice?  If I don’t do this, he dismisses me, and off course, I like my job.  Those people who who have been saying Kayihura is militarising the police……….   This is an order from the President.”

Gen. Kalekyezi at a public function in Ntungamo – 15/12/2016.

Gen. Kalekyezi is the former police chief who was last week relieved of his duties after 13 years in that position.  He was relieved because being a Munyarwanda Tutsi, he was helping Rwanda to gather intelligence on the activities of the Uganda backed Rwandese dissidents.  Museveni also feared that Rwanda could help him take over government.  He is currently not a subject of any criminal proceedings.

However, a group of Uganda backed Rwandese dissidents led by a one Rugemwa Kayumba the young brother of South Africa based dissident Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa have filed a complaint against Gen. Kalekyezi before the ICC in The Hague.  They claim to have failed to get justice in Uganda over crimes against humanity committed by Gen. Kalekyezi against some Rwandese refugees and dissidents in Uganda.  The alleged crimes include murder, deportation or forced transfer of populations, torture, and enforces disappearance of persons.  Ugandans are as usual jubilating over the move as if Gen. Kalekyezi never offended them to warrant a similar legal redress either locally or before the ICC!!!!

In August 2016 the Magistrate’s Court at Makindye issued Criminal Summons against Gen. Kalekyezi in relation to his alleged torture of opposition supporters.  Instead on 10/8/2016, the same General organised goons who, supported by the police, attacked the Magistrate’s Court and threatened to lynch both the trial Magistrate and the petitioning Lawyers.  The matter was swept under the carpet as neither the Chief Justice, the DPP, Museveni or the Speaker of Parliament condemned the act.  Now that Gen. Kalekyezi has left office, how far have the Lawyers gone in reinstating the same matter?

In April 2012 during a press conference called by the Speaker after the conclusion of the International Parliamentary Union delegates conference in Uganda, Gen. Kalekyezi accused the opposition of trying to incite the population against the police before declaring that he was ready to go and defend himself against the alleged human rights abuse accusations at the ICC.

On April 28th 2011 when Dr. Besigye was attacked by the police to near blindness, the ICC was being hosted in Uganda by CSOs for workshop.  The ICC has a Field Outreach Coordinator, Mabinty Kamara based in Uganda.  The ICC can initiate investigations and prosecutions even if the respective government does not refer or back the case. It has the mandate to intervene in cases where national courts prove to be unable or unwilling to effectively try these crimes or if the state appears to be shielding perpetrators – including shoddy investigations and sham trials.  Ugandan petitioners only need to show that the brutal attack on their members by security agents are either a policy or are tolerated and condoned by the government.

On May 12th 2011 at their extraordinary meeting, the Uganda Law Society resolved to document all incidents of human rights abuses some of which could amount to crimes against humanity.  How far have they gone with the exercise seven years down the road?  Following the most recent massacre of the Bakonzo people in Kasese by security forces, some people are said to have petitioned the ICC.  How far is that petition???

For those gullible Ugandans who are eagerly waiting for Museveni to commence criminal proceedings against Gen. Kalekyezi, you are in for a big disappointment.  Much as Museveni is bent on neutralizing Gen. Kalekyezi, criminal proceedings are not among his options.  He fears that any criminal proceedings against Gen. Kalekyezi would boomerang to Museveni.  Whatever alleged crime Gen. Kalekyezi may have committed, Museveni is the principal offender thus his good defence lies in the above quoted statement of December 2016.  However, should private individuals seriously take the path of instituting criminal proceedings, Museveni will be compelled to charge him before the military court martial.  That way he will be able to stall any such privately initiated criminal proceedings.  Museveni can even condition the said group of Rwandese dissidents to withdraw their petition from the ICC.  In the event that he is to be protected by way of a Court Martial, as usual once the dust will have settled down, the cadre General will be let off the hook.


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