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UGANDA: Dear graduating students….

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So you are graduating with a GPA of 4.5.

You are likely proud that you got Upper class of First.

Or upper of second.

Unfortunately, I do not know what a 4.5 GPA from Makerere means.

Neither do I know what first or second means.

Before you arrongantily praise yourself for your grades, know that you face unemployment of 95%.

Some 92% of all graduates from your excellent universities do not secure a job for 7 years.

In other countries which are not SHITHOLE, employers come to campus and recruit you.

With the high grades you show off, you would have secured a job months before graduation.

None SHITHOLE recruiters do not wait for your degree.

Every company wants to hire the best brains.

You might have the best grades but you cannot state what you can bring to the employer.

It is a fact that in Uganda, you are hired because of “oli mwana wani”.

However, there are employers that hire on merit.

Then in this case, you submit your 12 page CV and some poor soul reads it then invites you for an interview.

RECRUITER: What can you do?

MAK graduate: I can do anything. I got the best grades.

RECRUITER: But what can you do?

MAK graduate: Anything.

Recruiter is now thinking, s/he graduated top of the class but cannot state what s/he can do.

If you are so confident in your upper first class and cannot state what you can do, then we have a problem.

“I can do anything” is not an answer.

So, all graduates now need to evaluate what they have learned.

For example, you are graduating with Bcom. Should you not state “I can do financials?

Perhaps, I have a business degree, I can do risk analysis and write financial reports?

By the way, your CV should only be one page. No serious employer is interested in your nursery ryhmes or your love of Premier League.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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