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UGANDA: Consider taking the free online courses via MIT

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UGANDA: Museveni and his NRM thugs are dead set on removing access to information from Ugandans. If you have not seen this coming via that unqualified incompetent Mutabazi and Tumbwebaze at UCC, then you just wait.  In addition, know and remember this. Since 2013 we have been warning you about the intentional destruction of education and the removal of quality education from the poor such that only the rich get it.

If I were you, instead of trolling total strangers or abusing Leah on Facebook, I would look for courses to teach myself skills online for free.  The Internet is abundant with information so try to make use of it before the goons take it away.

It is still mind blowing and rather stunning to see Ugandans silent on this key development. But then again, you have always been silent on fighting for education.  Had it been Canada we would have sued you for those 2.5 months that Makerere University got closed.  BUT such a thing has never ever happened in any country in the world except during war when a university is forced to close down.  AND  the main University to boot.

Would Museveni have used a Westerner to now close it?  To DID IT? This thing of removing government scholarships?  Non. Like the blind in Northern Uganda, Bagisu celebrated their own being appointed as VC even when I warned that he was gonna be used by Museveni to take the University fully private.

Look at Betty Amongi. There is a sad story there. Using her to land grab from her own people and the fool goes on TV threatening to bring and army and guns to her own people.

Look at Kampala.  I used to think that Musisi was a Muganda but I was wrong.  The issue of BONK is setteled. She is a Kenyan.  Maybe she should go run the City of Nairobi. Kenya could use another stupid person.

Help yourself if you are a student. Start self teaching now. MIT has had free courses (all of them) online since 2014 and I remember advertising this as soon as MIT opened up all their courses for free. Aaaah…but you were all too busy abusing a total stranger and attacking me for my being Lesbian you chose to ignore most of what I told you.

Now you know Karma is a bitch and she wears stilettos when she comes to kick your ass. Because, between 2013 and now, how did hating gays and hunting them create jobs in Uganda, improve education, put medicine in hospitals, fix the roads, get rid of corruption, stop your women and daughters from being raped and murdered, stop sodomy by police officers, stop tortures, stop arbitrary arrests, help your poverty, stop random shootings, stop murder for money, stop prostitution, improve your literacy level, stop graft, increase the GDP per capita, reduce UMEME charges, bring clean water to every person, lower MTN and Airtel rates?

Should I continue?  OKAY. At least now you all have to register your Sim Cards again and stop buying bichupuli from China and ensure your phone has that funny number. You are also getting CCTV cameras and have to submit to DNA for the whole country.

Hallelujah Praise God!  AMEN

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)is ranked in the top 10 universities in the world It is also the university that has all its courses online for free to everyone.  Here is the link for the rankings.!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats

There are many websites with different rankings though and one says MIT is Number 1. FYI, the nosy ones abalina olugezigezi, University of Toronto is ranked 22 (ouch. We dropped 3 notches).

Please for your sake do consider taking courses online for free.  Share the information with your relatives and friends.  There is a friend of mine in Canada whose nephew is taking Computer Science courses via that MIT online OPEN COURSEWARE.  I understand that he had to purchase some text books but in reality, the material is online for free if you look hard enough.

And what if you need to buy some books?  We can buy those from Amazon and ship them for you. You can buy them yourself. You can buy eBooks.  The possibilities are endless but this all depends on what you are willing to do for yourself.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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