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UGANDA: Besigye, Muntu, Lukwago praise Mwiru for defeating NRM

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Martha Leah Nangalama – For opposition to win JINJA EAST this day March 15, 2018 is something to celebrate. We had the regime against everything against not only FDC and Mwiru and laughing at our people. You who read what President Yoweri Museveni said know that he said “It is better to vote for sleeping NRM MPs than vote for opposition who are active and awake”. It was something like that.

Museveni insulted all Ugandans. He told us to our faces that his sleeping thug MPigs are better than the ones who do not sleep and ask questions and demand for service and accountability. In fact, asking for service delivery was answered by “vote for useless sleepers and at least you will get service delivery”.

The people who know Uganda know that accepting MEDIOCRITY is the reason why we are now strangers in our own land. You all know that when a president says “Only I have the money and you will not get roads fixed unless you vote for me”, he means that you are stuck with his regime.

Hallelujah that Ugandans are now AWOKE; his word mbu Africans are awoke and will not be left behind by technological development. We are fully AWAKE. AND with the technology you are so proud of, we will demand for positive changes. NRM can continue sleeping since they are fully fed. The other 39 million Ugandans are not fed and are awake. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?

Because in our own way, we will show you that we are fully AWOKE.

Congratulations FDC and all opposition members. This one time, we were fully united. We need to now mark this unity as our strength. We must never ever allow any disunity. United, we stand and united, we must get strong and rise. Our voices will be heard in every corner of the globe. Our cries will rise from The Mountains of the Moon and reverberate on Mount Masaba, hit Nakapiripiriti and bounce into West Nile and return to Kasese and Rwenzururu and ask for our brothers and sisters to be exhumed from the Mass graves in Kasese, Rwenzururu, Acholi, Teso, Bugisu.

AND all our elders in Buganda who were killed will be put up on a pillar to remind them that we were taught of our our deep love for country. Even then, all our people who have been murdered in villages, towns, Kampala, Safe Houses and abroad on airplanes; they must now hear that we are awake. NO MORE. NO MORE. One little pebble thrown into an ocean can cause big waves. Thank you for hanging in there. Our work is just in infancy. We will keep getting better. Museveni must make no mistake about our AWOKE. We are gonna DID IT.

KAMPALA (@UG_EDGE) – Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Mugisha Muntu, have praised Paul Mwiru for winning the Jinja Municipality East by-election.

Mwiru, an FDC candidate, got 6,654 votes beating the ruling NRM candidate Nathan Igeme Nabeta who got 5043 votes.

According to Lukwago, the significance of the Jinja Municipality East By-election in regard to the political trajectory of the motherland cannot be overemphasised.

It’s largely on that premise that a vast majority of Ugandans across the entire Country are in a celebratory mood upon receiving the good news from Jinja, he said.

“Congratulations to comrade Hon Mwiru Paul and all democracy seeking forces for delivering this resounding victory.”

He said the will of the people shall always triumph over the forces of repression and tyranny by defiance.

“Congratulations Hon Paul Mwiru on winning a 4th time since 2016 rigged election!” tweeted Besigye.

He said in spite of massive armed forces deployment, rampant arrests of supporters and officials, Pre-ticked ballots, fake ballot box from EC etc, Mwiru still emerged winner.

FDC mobilisation secretary Hon. Ingrid Turinawe said it wasn’t an election, it was a war.

“But this shows that people are voting for a referendum. The war isn’t yet over, we still have to reclaim our 2016 presidential victory for,” she said.

Former FDC president Gen Muntu said he believes in the unity of opposition because they have common objectives.

“When it comes to working for purposes of a unified force, I’m always part of that, people must always work for a common purpose.”

He added: “It’s unfortunate that in this country elections almost become like war, but this political image is created by this regime, I don’ think heavy deployment was necessary. I think they just wanted to break the organizational capabilities of the force behind Mwriu.”

Muntu said FDC has achieved victory and now will just need to hold onto it and build on that.

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