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Uganda 1995 Constitution a mere piece of paper hence useless

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We all heard dictator Museveni calling the 1995 constitution a mare paper which made it nonfunctional and according to Museveni’s statement Uganda has no constitution and the nation is ruled by decrees believe it or not.

In 1962, 14 nations or independent regions came together to draft a constitution that was approved by all regions to form the Republic of Uganda. Ugandans refused to be ruled by foreigners or the British and therefore drafted the 1962 constitution on which Uganda was to be governed. How can a sane Ugandan believe in a constitution drafted by the majority of NRA guerrillas?  These guerrillas had an interest in Banyarwandas becoming Ugandans at any cost because the head of the NRA guerrillas is a Munyarwanda.

The 1962 constitution had proper ways of which one could become a Ugandan and a president of the Republic of Uganda. The constitution had only two ways one could become a Ugandan. 1. By being born inside the territories and boundaries of Uganda and two by naturalization. It may have contained other ways of one becoming a Ugandan that I am not aware of or did not come across. Museveni did not qualify to be a Ugandan as he was not born inside Uganda and his parents never obtained naturalization for him. He just grew up in Uganda and that did not make him a Ugandan.

None of his children are Ugandan since all of his known children were born outside Uganda. The only Ugandan in Museveni’s family is that traitor, Janet Kataha Museveni. Many people have thrown out Muhoozi’s name as a possible next president and this is a nonstarter. Majority of the time, Uganda has been ruled by foreigners and these foreigners see no value in our lives and well being. This regime has allowed foreigners to come into our country by millions. From South Sudan, CAR, Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda and DRC all in the guise of Pan-Africanism. Uganda is not the only country in Africa and surely Pan-Africanism in Uganda must be championed by Ugandans themselves not foreigners from Rwanda.



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