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Tumukunde / Kalekyezi power struggle threatens Museveni’s Refugee dollars’ scheme

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In order to improve his international profile, attract donor funding, cover up for his dictatorship, attract forex, blackmail the west and to prepare ground for destabilizing the region, Museveni is running a scheme to host millions of refugees from the neighboring countries of South Sudan, DRCongo, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.  Save for Ethiopia and Eritrea, in all the rest of the countries Museveni is responsible for causing the flight of refugees. Unfortunately, the international community has chosen to keep a blind eye on this.  His scheme is succeeding as he recently hosted a high-powered refugee summit to raise funds that attracted even the UN Secretary General.

However, his fake reputation as a provider of ‘safe haven’ for refugees is being unmasked by his own inner circle cadre army Generals.  The Minister of Security, Gen. Tumukunde and the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kalekyezi are involved in a low intensity power struggle. Their bickering has helped bring out a number of behind the scenes rot in the police force to the public domain. Those Ugandans who feel that Gen. Kalekyezi is a liability to the country, have opted to go to the court of public opinion after satisfying themselves that Museveni is fully behind the police chief. That way they don’t aim at pressurising Museveni because he can’t be pressurised but are instead trying to expose the rot. The most recent revelation relating to kidnapping of refugees is damaging Museveni’s ‘refugees’ safe haven scheme.

Around late last week, it became public that a one Ali Kabanda, former member of the notorious police killer squads had run to Museveni seeking both legal and physical protection from Gen. Kalekyezi who is allegedly plotting to kill him for his withdrawal from state sanctioned kidnapping of Rwandese refugees. He went ahead to disclosed how he was officially in a police squad that would hunt down, kidnap and forcefully return Rwandese refugees to Rwanda “to be killed.” He went ahead to reveal that the kidnap syndicate was a well organised network stretching to Uganda’s borders with Tanzania and Kenya from where abducted refugees are safely transited to Rwanda through Uganda.

He further revealed that Rwandese security agents headed by the 1st Secretary at Rwanda Embassy in Kampala, a one Ismail Baguma are actively enjoying state protection in the kidnappings. The whistleblower who wrote to Museveni on 12th May 2017 gave him a two weeks’ ultimatum to act or else he (Kabanda) was to flee into exile. It is over a month now and it is most likely that Museveni was not impressed, was unmoved and ignored the appeal thus the option to go public. However, what is clear is that the information about kidnapping of refugees is 100% accurate but as the source admits he has been meeting Gen. Tumukunde thus the motive for going public can be inferred.

Kidnapping of Rwandese refugees in Uganda is not news. In July 2010 1,700 Rwandese refugees were violently and forcefully returned to Rwanda from Nakivale and Kyaka refugee camps. During the violent and brutal round, up two refugees died and 25 others were seriously injured. In December 2011, a Rwandese Journalist and refugee in Uganda, Charles Ingabire was shot dead in Kampala. Around the same time another refugee, Pascal Manirakiza was kidnapped. Col. Kankiriho and Lt. Col Geoffrey Buryo of CMI were implicated in the kidnap and forced return of Rwandese refugees.

Kayihura wants to kill me to cover his evil deeds, SPC writes to Museveni

In August 2013 attempts by the police to kidnap and forcefully return a one Joel Mutabazi to Rwanda was foiled at the last minute as he was about to be bundled in a Kigali bound plane at Entebbe airport. Around the same time two other refugees, Emmanuel Kaliisa and Pascal Manirakiza went missing in Uganda.

Three months later the same Joel Mutabazi who had earlier been Kagame’s close bodyguard, was kidnapped by the Deputy CIID chief, AIP Joel Aguma and handed over to Rwanda. Shortly before the incident, in order to ease the kidnap, the police withdrew all the VIPPU personnel who had been providing him security under the UNHCR.  The Kampala regime as usual pretended to shed crocodile tears by issuing statements condemning the incident and ‘suspending’ Joel Aguma but nothing was done to this day. Museveni’s son, Gen. Muhoozi was also implicated in the kidnap of Rwandese but the SFC came out to vehemently deny this.

Early this year there were reports that Uganda was harboring Rwandese dissidents. We reacted by publishing an article titled; UNDERSTANDING THE ALLEGED MUSEVENI/KAGAME FRESH FALL OUT. We argued that with Gen. Kalekyezi at the helm of the police and intelligence, Rwanda has a leeway to neutralize such plans in Uganda. Kidnap is a capital offence in the criminal law books of Uganda. Under international law, kidnap and forcefully returning a refugee is a crime against humanity. In 2013 Col. Fenekasi Mugyenyi kidnapped a Congolese refugee, Col. Eric from Kampala and was only rescued at the Uganda/DRC border in Arua as he was being ferried to DRC. Col. Mugyenyi was charged with misconduct instead of kidnap before the Court Martial and later set free marking the end of the story.

For the whistleblower, Ali Kabanda, thanks for the job well done in exposing the rot.  However, he shouldn’t expect any protection from Museveni because he approves whatever Gen. Kalekyezi does. Instead, Kabanda should expect the worst to happen to him for being ‘undisciplined’.

In 2001 the then Director of Records, Maj. Sabiiti Mutengesa was persecuted into exile in the UK for unearthing the creation of ghost soldiers by top army Generals.

In 2005 Sgt Gitta Musoke appealed in vain for Museveni’s protection over persecution for the reports he had made over ghost soldiers in the Congo military expedition in 2003.

In April 2014, the then DPC Nansana, AIP Kirumira Muhammad was framed and arrested after he revealed that the rampant armed robberies in Kampala were being masterminded by the big shots in the Police including Directors.

The former Deputy Army Chief, Gen. Charles Angina was axed after he persistently embarked on sanctioning probes in billions of shillings lost in fake ministry of defence contracts. The 2015 76b shillings construction scandal was conclusively investigated but instead Museveni axes Angina and assigned Engineer Badru Kigundu to carry out a fresh probe and that was the end of the story.

In June 2016, ASP Steven Mugarura submitted to Museveni a damming report of how top police bosses including Directors were behind a wave of robberies in the country. Instead, Mugarura is undergoing untold persecution.

In March 2017 Museveni simply acknowledged that the police were infiltrated by criminals and pleaded with Gen. Kalekyezi to clean it up. Shortly after, he renewed his contract.

During the ongoing land probe, it was discovered that a certain Kenyan, Ambrose Murunga Wekesa, formerly with Kenya Police, had been using the police in Nakaseke district to violently evict 100 Ugandan families from the 255 acres of Mailo Land he had acquired. Murunga had been hired by Gen. Kalekyezi as his Technical Advisor and was visibly active during the brutal suppression of Opposition protests in Kampala.  Other than Uganda, where else can a foreigner grab land, assault and detain citizens???

For all those who still doubt that Gen. Kalekyezi serves Rwanda’s interests, over to you.


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