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#BOBIWINE’S PRESS STATEMENT Friends from around the world, I address you all as lovers of peace and compatriots in the struggle for justice, human rights and good governance all over the world. Your response to the events in Uganda these past days has made me believe more than ever that those who believe in the basic dignity of every human being are many more than those who trample upon or rejoice in its violation. A few days ago, I released a statement in which I narrated the torture, suffering and indignities that I was subjected to by a section of the Ugandan security forces. I have received numerous messages of support from around the globe. I am eternally grateful for those messages and feel emboldened in our pursuit for better governance in Uganda. I am grateful to the medical professionals both in Uganda and here in the United States who have attended to me since my brutalisation. Although my body is still weak and I continue to receive treatment and further diagnosis, my resolve is stronger and my hope for a better and democratic Uganda has never been so high. I feel obliged to note that many Ugandans have and continue to go through worse experiences than myself. If they can do such things to members of Parliament and other public figures, we can only imagine what they do to ordinary citizens in their custody away from sight. Many have paid the ultimate price. Like many other political activists in the past, my friend and driver Yasin Kawuma was murdered in cold blood. Shaban Atiku is permanently disabled. Night Asara Eyoru, a young mother who had just had a C-Section, was badly beaten. She appeared in court with a discharge from her private parts and a broken leg. For over four years, Sam Mugumya, a political activist and Dr. Besigye’s former assistant has been languishing in the prisons of DRC. Ugandans watched the images of my bartered and bruised colleague Hon. Zaake Francis in shock. Hon. Mwiru Paul returned to Parliament with a broken arm. Many have been framed with all manner of charges and kept behind bars for years. These are the sufferings those who have dared to stand up for our nation’s redemption have gone through. I am privileged that my brutalization caught the attention of so many, but many more people have had to endure worse experiences and I call upon the world to stand with all of us. Today, I called this press conference mostly to appreciate the world for standing with Uganda in this period. I am very grateful that people across continents appreciate the cross roads at which our nation finds itself. While incarcerated in the heart of military facilities, I was unable to appreciate the massive support of our struggle from around the world. Since being released on bail, I have read countless messages of support online and by mail. I am very humbled to see all the support rendered to us from all over the world. I am emboldened by the people of Uganda who have understood our message that power lies with them. Despite state intimidation and repression, they have persistently been vocal in saying that the power of the people is more powerful than the people in power. Our brothers and sisters from fraternal African countries who share our dreams and aspirations- Thank you! From Kenya to Nigeria. From Zambia to South Africa. From Djibouti to South Sudan. From Rwanda to Tanzania. Thank you all. The Ugandans living in the diaspora, joined by citizens of those countries have stood with us and we are profoundly grateful. Peaceful protests have been held in USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and China. The message has been uniform- Free Uganda! I therefore appreciate you all and remind you that we have more work to do together. We have already seen that we can achieve a lot when we unite and stand together. The next thing I want to talk about today is about our struggle. Many people out there who may not be familiar with our country, may be wondering what we are up to. Some friends as well as some regime apologists in Uganda have been asking me why I do not give up, focus on my music career and earn a salary as a Member of Parliament, and live what they call a comfortable life. My message to them has been that I cannot claim to be free and comfortable when Uganda is not. When our people live in fear. When most of them live below the poverty line and cannot afford a decent meal a day. When the men, women and children of Uganda live under the yoke of repression. I cannot be comfortable until the youth in the ghettos of Kampala are comfortable. That is why we put on the red color- representing the blood which flows in our veins. Because we are one people. We are one Uganda. We believe not only in the freedom of Uganda, but the freedom of all oppressed people all over the world. That is the justification of the struggle we are involved in. We are the people and we believe that we have th

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