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Tremendous performance by opposition and govt MPs against #AgeLimit, Life Presidency

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It is one thing to be proud of your country and cry when everyone is crying.  Then go hungry because you dare not eat since so many people at home are not eating.  Another thing to fret, pray and beg God to show His face.  Then to finally sink on your knees and say the Rosary for your country and your people.

Today is a prayer answered. A Novena to St. Therese de Lisieux.  A Rosary I clutch every night and morning and pray and beg the Blessed Virgin Mary to please please help my country.

Today is a day that will go down in history.

Thank you.  Thank you.

We have written a lot about the machinations of dictator President Yoweri Museveni and how he uses people like condoms and discards them.  Perhaps for this AgeBill, he had a chance but when that Anite Kakwa spoke on live camera and threatened the whole country, that was it.  A red line was drawn.

To imagine that an amendment did not need this much drama is to be naive.  The only thing is Museveni and his supporters pushed through lifting Term Limits (some are dead and others are like, where the hell are they anyway) so this Age Limit was already a suspicious move and the straw that broke the camel was that Kakwa kid school drop out in charge of International Investments and we shall see how all that will work out for Uganda since now the army is all over the place and there is no way in hell I will invest in Uganda.

Then the kids.  I love the kids. Our daughters (19 and 16) would have burned parliament down for the injustice.  These Makerere, Kyambogo and other University kids stood their ground.  For after all, this bill is about their future.

We must acknowledge and thank all the MPs in opposition and government who stood up for the future of their children, grand children and all of us who could not show up for the fight.

TODAY, HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE.  Let parliament bring back that bill and I assure you, you will all need a Planet of Apes goon guarding each of your family members at school, work, and wherever they go.  AND you had better put a barracks at your upcountry home and farm.  I do not think you realise how angry Ugandans are.  Ugandans are bakoowu!

Thanks to Hon. Rebecca Kadaga for allowing officials from the US and UK embassies to be in the chamber.  Today, you did all of us proud and we will never thank you enough.  Because we have had enough of that raping of our country with the poverty, impoverishment, unemployment, horrible roads, no medicine, unpaid medics, selling our kids into slavery to Arabs and terrible education and nebilala nebilala.

Strip me of everything but never strip me of the right to fight for the justice of my people.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Next up will be the land bill.  I invite you all to visit what our team has written on  INFORMATION IS POWER!

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2 Comments to Tremendous performance by opposition and govt MPs against #AgeLimit, Life Presidency

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