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Toli mwaavu; mutwe gwo – #Uganda Business Ideas Part 6

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What is stopping you series? Part 6

Mbu Tusaba Government Etuyambe!

When you talk to many people about starting side business to be a source of income in their lives, many complain about capital.

But let’s go through your daily routine expenditure “INTERNET DATA” we have become slaves to this monster called Internet Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tweeter, IMO, BBM the list is endless.

Averagely you spend at least 4k on the daily basis in month 120k and in a year 1,440,000 just on Internet bundles.

This is what most people spend just on Internet and statistics from telecom companies indicate they make more money these days on Internet data than phone calls.

If you do a critical assessment of what you actually gain from the many WhatsApp groups you are a member, trust me you will be shocked, a decision after reading this post, you may be surprised that life continues after just exiting these groups, because I did it and my life is normal.

Many people are having marital or relationship problems due to this false attachment/connection to social networks.

Back to my issue, I have given you a simple decision that can enable you to save 1,440,000.

Many now will ask what can 1.4M do for me?

Yesterday I had a chat with a dairy farmer from Mubende who sells cross breed cows which can produce between 13 to 15 liters of milk per day depending on the attention given.

That means from one cow, you can earn 15k if each litre is sold at 1k but I have excluded milking session for the evening which is a bit lower to about 8 litres and that can enable you pay the person looking after the cow and buy spraying medication/salt/and other essential items for a healthy cow.

In a month, you can earn 450,000 and for the next 6 months before another calf is born after 9months.

Many people think this is fiction but ask most friends from Western Uganda, fees that educated them up to University level was from milk selling and the issue of malnutrition in those regions is unheard of because at least a child can have a cup of milk.

Try it today and you will never regret your decision.




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