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The bright side of Museveni lifting age limit

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Uganda’s 73 years old military dictator who has reigned over the country for 32 years has just lifted the constitutional presidential age limit of 75 years to make him eligible for contestation in 2021.  He has also increased the constitutional term office from five to seven years.  In 2005, he lifted the constitutional two five-year term of office. Ugandans in general are in a sombre mood uncertain of the future.  However, such despair is uncalled for because it’s neither the term limits nor the age limit that could get Museveni out of office.  It’s not even the periodic sham and symbolic general elections that can get Museveni out of power.

On the contrary, it’s neither of the above that has kept or is to keep him in power.  He gained power through skillful manipulation of Ugandans and the power of the gun and for the last 31 years he has used the same methods in addition to duping the international community.  On that account, therefore he is more determined to retain power by more aggressively using the same means.  Those so called constitutional amendments are just a formality to dupe Ugandans and the world that he is a democrat who adheres to constitutional governance.

Actually, he can even surprise the world by stepping down anytime as long as he has accomplished the entrenchment of MUSEVENISM.  His son who is the defacto Commander of the armed forces is supposed to succeed him at all cost.  Ugandans who are genuinely opposed to Museveni’s hold on power are obsessed with the alarming levels of institutionalized corruption and abuse of office, gross abuse of human rights, nepotism, sectarianism, fanning of regional armed conflicts, militarisation of civilian institutions, total breakdown of service delivery, economic mismanagement, land grabbing, and rule by law instead of rule of law.  These are the vices that characterize MUSEVENISM.

It’s because those struggling against Museveni have failed to use the right means of dislodging him from power that they hide under the nightmares of constitutionalism, democratic change of government, and other legalities.  A fully-fledged military dictatorship does not entertain any of such nonsense.  It’s not the formation of a UNITED opposition, mobilisation of the masses dubbed DEFIANCE, or the strengthening of ORGANISATIONAL structures that can dislodge MUSEVENISM.  The phases mentioned above have been overtaken by events.  As unequivocally demonstrated during the most recent ‘rape of the constitution’, Ugandans are united, they are organised and are defiant.  It’s only the gun power that is holding them back.

Therefore, Museveni’s lifting of the age limit dispels any iota of doubt in whoever was having illusions of lack of a united opposition, mass mobilization, or organizational structure as being the reasons why Museveni continues to hold onto power.  It provides an opportunity for those who have been advocating for an unconstitutional means to try their luck.  It’s time for those who have been threatening to secede to go their way.  It’s a time for the armed groups like the ADF which is reported to have the capacity to “overran a strong UN peace keeping force” in the Congo to engage Museveni’s army.

It’s a time for the likes of Hon. Kabaziguruka who is facing charges of plotting to assassinate Museveni to modify his plot and give it a retrial.  It’s a time for the likes of Gen. Ssejusa who have been advocating for the dismantling of a military dictatorship instead of massaging to act now.  It’s time for world leaders like Trump who had vowed to dislodge “Mugabe’s grandson, Museveni” to be reminded now.  It’s a time for those who have been plotting against Museveni to get out of boardrooms and meet under tree sheds, thickets and in swamps.

Since TIGIKWATAKO (don’t dare amend the constitution) campaign has failed, the freshly launched KOGIKUTEKO (now that you have amended it) campaign won’t achieve much other than making news.  Even the plan to petition the regional (EAC) court is a waste of time and will only benefit students of Constitutional Law because the sole mandate of that regional grouping is to ensure the member state regimes thrive against all odds.  Such a petition can only be compared to complaining against commando raid against parliament when the army is unnecessarily represented by ten members of Parliament.

That is the beauty of the lifting of the age limit, no more pretence.


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