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TANZANIA should tread carefully around Museveni

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We have witnessed the coming of a life presidency in Uganda and this was unthinkable in 2000 that Uganda would be ruled by a self proclaimed life president. Most of our neighbors have changed their constitutions to accommodate the their dictators lust for power.

What is alarming is that four of our neighbors are ruled by dictators that are someways connected to Rwanda also those are the same countries that have embraced life presidency or very much interested in the life presidency project.

Kenya is headed for political violence mainly because its leaders are too close to dictator Museveni the head of life presidency project in the Great Lakes Region. The political upheavals we witness in Kenya is not by coincidence but by design by dictator Museveni. Kenyan army is ever growing confident that if you have the guns, you own power and its a matter of time Kenya joins the list of neighbors ruled by strong military men. We have seen Kenyatta wearing military fatigues shortly after Museveni’s visit to Kenya.

Nobody should deceive themselves that the militarization of the Great Lakes Region is not in full gear.

It is in Tanzania’s best interests to be weary of dictator Museveni. Museveni has his own political interests that he cannot tell the nation what type of interests he harbors but to himself and his close confidantes.

The time is ticking for the military in Kenya to join Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.

Nathan Span

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