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State minister of health finally being flown abroad since Uganda has no healthcare

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The people who follow things happening in Uganda will remember that the ministers of health in Uganda threatened to deploy the army and arrest all doctors who dared to go on #DoctorStrike to ask for better pay and supplies in hospitals.

Our doctors were ridiculed by the 3 ministers of health (yes, Uganda can have up to 5 people for one ministry).

So this arrogant woman was poisoned and has been on life support in Uganda is finally being flown to Kenya for treatment from her poison which naturally was given to her by the regime.  Her boss Aceng Talina Magezi (ATM) is being treated in India for knee things from too much kneeling to praise the dictator. And there is Opendi..her turn is coming.

Below is what apparently is now news.  That the useless arrogant woman might get saved by being flown out of Uganda as Ugandans are dying and her elk tell the doctors “we have no need for you”.  May she return in belly cargo! AMEN.

Until these fat pigs in Uganda realise that the primary care is in Uganda and they do not have private jets, they will keep begging for help and we will keep saying “namwe mufa? Tekisoboka. Mulina emundu namagye. Temusobola kulwara nga ffe abatalina amagye nenyonyi”.

The whole thing of both ministers being sick is likely just a joke to make us think that they all get sick.  These people for a fact never get sick and will never get sick and if they do get sick, they are flown out of Uganda before we even hear about it.  The woman is likely in North Uganda enjoying her millet and Odi.  Temutubalira budde!


KAMPALA (DAILY MONITOR) – The Aga Khan Development Network’s Resident Representative to Uganda has intervened to get State Minister for Primary Healthcare, Joyce Moriku Kaducu, admitted to the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

This follows a request by Uganda’s State Minister for Health, Ms Sarah Opendi for AKDN’s help.

As of Tuesday, all the beds in the Intensive Care Unit of at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, to which Ms Moriku had been referred, were occupied.

With fears mounting that her health would deteriorate if she is not attended to quickly, Uganda’s health ministry sought help.

“…I made an effort to get in touch with the Aga Khan Ambassador [Amin Mawji, Order of the British Empire (OBE)], who took up the matter immediately…” Ms Opendi said.

She said the Ambassador ‘contacted the hospital’ and now she has received communication that there is a bed available and they [Aga Khan Hospital] are “going to reserve it” [for Ms Moriku].

According to information on the Ismailimail blog, the AKDN plays an important role in supporting early childhood development, education, tourism, energy, industrial development, media, financial services and healthcare in the countries in which it operates.

In Uganda, the network is in the process of building a $100 million (Shs360 billion) teaching hospital in Nakawa, about five kilometres East of Kampala City Centre.

Ms Moriku developed health complications early this week.

Ms Opendi told the Health committee that Ms Moriku was down due to food poisoning.

She was then admitted to Rubaga Hospital and later discharged.

She fell ill again, prompting her to go to Platinum Hospital in Kampala for treatment.

According to Ms Opendi, when Platinum Hospital was about to discharge Ms Kaducu, she developed complications to the brain.

“Initially, they thought they were managing Pneumonia; they were managing Pneumonia. After one or two days, the situation deteriorated. She was transferred to IHK [International Hospital Kampala],” said Ms Opendi.

But even at the IHK, her condition continued deteriorating. This informed the decision to move her to the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

The Flying Doctors were supposed to fly her to Nairobi on Tuesday, December 5.

For that, the government paid the Flying Doctors $7, 000 (Shs25 million).

However, since it was rather late, the Flying Doctors could not fly her to the hospital.

In the intervening hours, the bed that was available was taken by another patient.

Because of her condition, she could not be flown to India.

And the ICU beds in a hospital in South Africa to which she could go were all occupied.

It was at this point that the Ugandan government decided to engage the AKDN.

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