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Stalemate hangs over Uganda

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By Rabba Naga. (11/09/2017)

The struggle to remove Museveni is neither succeeding at the pace required nor being crushed as Museveni would wish or dream. For those who may not be in the know, the struggle against Museveni has for long taken on a pan-East African dimension. Museveni sending of UPDF all over the place is not for fun or sheer pan-Africa nostalgia for what he destroyed when he betrayed the original NRM dream for the region and for Africa, its real politic, his survival here, to offset the pressure both within and outside our borders. So, the struggle is wider that the walk to work the people of Kampala see and the strikes and mayhem you see around…unfortunately because our people have been totally disempowered by making them destitute, jobless, homeless, and now increasingly landless, people’s minds are on survival issues.

Unfortunately, most of the leaders who would explain all these to them have not been spared by the Museveni kleptomania. They too have sold out, eating Museveni money, receiving his handouts in various forms, clearance of their debts, medical bills, etc. etc.

This has slowed the process of liberation but not wholly stopped it.

But while Museveni registers these tactical victories when he buys off these opposition leaders whom he told to their face that they were nothing but merchandise on sale, (you should have seen the faces of those present at the late Sebaana’s wake!) he has won no strategic victory.

For instance, the country can’t have total security.

There can be no production amid chaos,

He can’t bring quality personnel because silent rebellion hangs all over.

Public expenditure must sky rocket because it is like we are in a war mode full time, with military expenditure through the roof and servicing a blotted junk system to buy off dissent.

Even the East African AGENDA can’t move forward. See the regional conflicts, many initially ignited by Mr. Museveni. etc.

The economy cannot grow, it has instead collapsed due to his military expenditure, patronage expenditure, electoral waste, lack of capacity to control the corrupt oligarchy who have eaten the country dry.

When Trump recently refused to sponsor our thuggery in Central African Republic, the poor boys and girls walked on foot 1000 miles because we couldn’t afford trucks for them. Even the Somalia mission is on last lap just like his Sudanese intervention led to nothing except that genocide is still going on. Kiir has attained no victory, Museveni credibility is in tatters and a new formula will have to be sought to save that country.

In my next writeup, I will publish a blue print as written by Free Uganda after their internal leadership committee sat and came up with a working document with clear guidance on what must be done to push the struggle forward. It has been sent to the external committee. It espouses a regional approach to this struggle, breaks down for us what each has to do and tackles the question of leadership which many take for granted. I have had opportunity to meet some of the comrades and am glad.

This struggle cannot be won with the current methods and mindset. But Museveni too cannot defeat the people’s resistance. And if the STALEMATE IS NOT BROKEN, UGANDA WILL GO DOWN. Wait for second part.


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