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Spoofing – Uganda activists beware

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There are applications you can buy and install which allow to spoof call, spoof text and spoof email.

There are also applications you can buy that can camouflage voices.  For example your voice could be used to leave a message for someone as if you are the one leaving it and this one also can change your voice from man to woman and vice versa.

The above applications are all free.  If you use Google, you will locate the free ones.

Your phone can and will be used to locate you.  It will pinpoint you to the exact location of where you are taking the call.  Ugandans need to learn that if you are anti-regime, answering your phone will pinpoint your exact location.

In the past, I have said that if you fear for your life or are vocal about the injustice in Uganda, you must never answer your call.  Just let it ring then call back the person later.

In 2014 and 2015, some of my family members in Uganda were receiving calls from me which were not made by me.  The fact is I never call home ever.  When I have to call, I use a number that the Uganda government does not know.  OR I text saying “I am calling you in 5 minutes” because even if I use my public mobile number to call, most of my calls are routed by Rogers Wireless to a local number in Uganda (mostly Airtel) or via some number in South Africa so it is important for me to warn that I am about to call.

BUT I hardly ever call home though.

About 30 minutes, one of my friends in Kampala said I had left him a voice mail.  Seriously?  I never call unless it is urgent and even if I do, I never ever leave voice mail.

Why your mobile number will be used to track you is because everything uses GPS, Satelitte and who even knows what else.  This is why it is easy to kidnap you or arrest you.

IF YOU ARE REALLY A TROUBLESOME PERSON, then always take the battery out of your phone because your phone has to broadcast to the nearest tower where you are and hence GPS.

Most countries which do not murder 30 women and blame illuminati make your phone traceable in case of emergency.  For example if I am having a heart attack or in an accident and cannot talk, I can just press the Emergency button on the phone without talking and the ambulance or fire brigade will show up by using the location of my phone.  So this means that the system can work both ways.

The problem with Uganda is all this being abused.  Imagine calling my mother using my phone number.  The last time she got such a call, she said “this is not Leah”.  Because I have never once called her in all of my life.  She is the one who calls me.

The one about sending SMS or eMails is very serious so please know how your friends communicate.  I know all the communication styles of my family and friends.  You can hijack any social media account from my family or friends and I will know in a minute that you are an imposter.  In 2015 when that musoga Isaac was arrested and his social media accounts were hijacked, the goons did not know that I knew my friend.  Isaac and I have a silly way of communicating and in the first text, I knew it was not him.  I wrote about this one actually because it was funny but now I picked up something else which no one knows and not even him.  We used to greet each other with “how many cows do you have so far?”  Then talk about the kids before anything else. AND the goon was so dumb.  It is public knowledge that I hate Unglish.  Dude said “hw z u dia”…. if for anything, I wanted to kill him for even talking to me like that.

Learn about technology.  It might save your life or the life of a loved one.

Martha Leah Nangalama

I have a business and IT background and I am dedicated to sharing what I know with Uganda.  Might not be much but it is a start.

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