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Some 2 million Ugandans will fall off the Internet – assuming their govt is good in ICT

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Telecom companies in Uganda make money by selling airtime and data for accessing the Internet and social bundles.  In Uganda, Social Bundles is a package you buy for UGX 2000 and it lasts you 7 days.  I think it translates into $0.75 USD.

Most Ugandan families live on $1 per day so you can imagine the impoverishment.  Nevertheless, you find youth all over Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp groups attacking Ugandans in Diaspora and so far, I am a prostitute in Winnipeg Manitoba (a province I have never lived in) or a street sweeper (Canada uses machines to sweep streets and snow) or a sex slave (my family would kill me for this).  But apparently I have also been known to clean toilets and change diapers on elderly people.  The Ugandans who say these things spend $0.75 per week to use all their time abusing and attacking total strangers.

In Uganda if you tell the unemployed youth to use Google or click on a link, they draw a blank.  Yet they are superb at abusing total strangers.

Ugandans abroad remitted USD $2 billion in 2016 to Uganda.  Yet we are called a lot of bad names by the same people who soon turn around and beg us for food, school fees or to pay for their medical care.

So we are faced with 85% unemployment with graduates facing 92% unemployment in the first 7 years after getting their degree or diploma.  BUT they happily abuse people who could help them.  The whole country has gone to the dogs.  These kids eat only one meal a day if lucky or many times, it is one meal every 3 days.  I am sitting here in Canada and would want to buy food for them or pay school fees for their kids or care for their parents when they get sick but I am a malaya.

The money these kids expend on useless things on Social Media could be used by them to start small business projects.  BUT try to tell them that and they will tell you that they know someone who knows someone who will help them get a job as they walk the streets of Kampala till their shoes get worn out and always with their kachupuli to abuse Leah who by the way is not hungry or begging for food.  Kachupuli is used for Made in China.  The kids cannot even open a web link on their phones.

Initially, I was angry at the Uganda government and the Telecom companies for forcing them to register their phones.  Now I fully support the government.  What is the use of having them on the Internet and Social Media when all they do is post nudes or abuse strangers continents away.

Surely UCC must be good.  Let us wake up on August 30th and find all useless phones off the grid and maybe then the youth will go get a job or grow a garden.  It is lamentable to give access to people to access the world but they do not realise how much they can benefit from the world.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Journalist, Editor, Writer and Blogger (Probono)

Global Computer Network Infrastructure Analyst

I am passionate about education.

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