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SOMALIA: Ugandans celebrate when their soldiers are killed in Somalia

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Thank you the people of Somalia and please continue to kill more of those stupid Ugandans ,yes I celebrate their death and I take this moment to congratulate you for that victory

In my culture we don’t celebrate when people die and it does not matter whether he was your enemy ..however its time for Ugandans in the Army to start reasoning  ,why  are  you dying in Somalia ?

Museveni the Tutsi Banyarwanda (NRA/NRM Occupation) takes you to  fight useless battles as he gets richer and richer everyday

The commander of UPDF is from Rwanda so he does not care how many of you must die as long as money is wired on their accounts .

For those who are still alive ,I request you to Join the people’s liberation Army so that we uproot Museveni the vampire .Don’t sacrifice your life for these thugs ,the oath you took was to protect Uganda but not Beasts

Kitonsa Allan Saava

The reader might want to keep in mind that the army, Museveni’s army, is used for killing Ugandans. Museveni’s army is used for invading neighbouring countries to wage wars that cause an influx of refugees into Uganda.

When the refugees arrive, Ugandans are evicted off their land and herded into IDP camps.  The UN then sends money to the Ugandan regime to care for the refugees.  The refugees are then accorded First Class Treatment as Ugandans die of hunger and treatable preventable diseases.

That same army, they massacred hundreds of our people in Bundibugyo and Kasese.  Earlier before, they had been used to commit a genocide in Acholi.  Currently this army is committing genocides in DRC and South Sudan.

So when Ugandans celebrate, know that they have reasons to celebrate.  I do not condone the killings and neither do I celebrate our children being slaughtered but I say, ABOUT TIME.  About time that you all woke up to the suffering of people in Uganda.

Museveni said if Black Americans were stupid enough to be taken as slaves, its their problem….IF UPDF SOLDIERS ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO BE USED BY MUSEVENI AND DIE FOR MUSEVENI… we don’t want to hear nio nio nio so many Uganda soldiers died in Somalia

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: April 04, 2018 at 03:38PM

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