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SOCIAL MEDIA: Usage statistics, Uganda pay attention

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Denis just shared the following in our #UgandaNewsBriefing group on WhatsApp but before you read what he shared, I have a comment (as usual).

Social Media is now present in all our lives and affects every aspect of our lives.  It is very powerful and can cause change like it did with the Arab Spring and these days has dictators shaking in their boots.

Social Media is an enemy to dictators. Many of you have read stories of African dictator regimes blocking social media. Russia and China control it a lot with China being right up there on top.

Social Media can be used to propagate information at the speed of light, to share news, to learn and to educate. It is also great for finding business partners, donors and investors.

Where social media comes in for everyone is when you know who your audience is.  This is why these statistics are key.

In 2014, one of my friends in Moncton posted on Facebook that Facebook was dying. I challenged him and told him it was not going anywhere (although now with #BlockFacebook something could happen but I am not holding my breath).

Why I challenged my friend was because Marks & Spencer had just gone full blown marketing on Facebook and even as far as people placing orders from a post on Facebook. So we now have Shopfy.

AUDIENCE is key.  Always know how your audience receives and uses information.

Those who do not know Uganda need to understand that full Internet limited is limited. We have a population of 41 million with about 30M on the Internet and a cool 27M who use Facebook and WhatsApp.  This is because the Telcos have applications which cost nothing to read on Facebook (FBzero and FBlight) and then Social Bundles (but I do not even know what all these 3 are). So we have people thirsty for information but cannot surf websites. They then use the less costly ways of accessing information. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT YOUR GOALS ARE FOR BEING ON THE INTERNET.

Since my self appointed role is to inform and educate Ugandans, I choose to ensure that all that matters to Ugandans is available via Facebook.  Through this, I disseminate information to those who have access via their phones and then they share with others. I run 2 blogs and they are mostly visited by none Ugandans who have more Internet access. So it is about knowing the audience.

I am Martha Leah Nangalama

According to BrandWatch, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have the highest numbers of daily users. (link:…

Whatsapp – 900 million
Snapchat – 178 million
Twitter – 330 million
Instagram – 800 million
Facebook – 2.072 billion

Which of the 5 do you use most?

105 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts


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