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SEX for grades thumps Uganda education institutions

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Most personnel in Uganda`s high institutions for learning have persistently continued with the un professional conduct in performing their duties. The male personnel have tried to prove that other than teaching/lecturing and examining the students, their position can be used for other personal benefits from students most especially the FEMALES.

For some years now sex for marks has been on high in most of the Universities and other Institutions Country wide and many lecturers have been spotted harassing female students that has always resulted in submission for fear of being given retakes. Such cases have been mostly recorded in Makerere, Nkumba, KIU (Kampala International University), MUBS and Ndejje Universities, among others.

As this is a very dirty practice, actions are already being taken on culprits. Makerere university leadership has made an example of the iniquitous sex for marks Don, Dr. Swizen Kyomuhendo, a senior lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA), suspending him on Sexual Harassment allegations. Kyomuhendo’s suspension was sanctioned by Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the Makerere University Vice-Chancellor saying it will allow for smooth investigations into allegations labeled against him. Dr. Kamunyu (MUASA Chairman) earlier this month indicated that Kyomuhendo’s case should serve as an example to other lecturers who have been or plan doing the same.

It`s obvious that Dr. Swizen is not the only one and everything possible is roughly to expose such irresponsible Lecturers.

The sex harassment cases are not mentioned in Makarere only but even in other universities like Ndejje and Nkumba, MUBS and KIU. Names like Dr.Deo K. Kannamwangi, Lecturer at Ndejje, KIU and Nkumba Universities, Tumwebaze C of Nkumba, MUBS and KIU, Iniru Innocent of KIU, Makerere, and Ndejje have also been cited out by female students as culprits of sexual harassment of female students for marks.

At times this may sound untrue but it`s real as some individuals like Sharon Mukasa who graduated in January this year in an interview with CampusEye confessed that she had sex for marks and that she is already working and well paid. But for her case, Sharon Mukasa was unlike those who are always harassed and she said that “if she had to do it again, she would gladly take up the offer”

This vice is a serious problem to female students. The female students live in fear and are too embarrassed to report sexual harassment . Some lecturers directly ask for sex in return for favours( marks). But the majority of this category make girls feel unconfortable , scared, or confused due to intimidation, dirty jokes or stories and threats of lowering the grades if the girl refuses to go along with the sex favour request. For example, one lecturer was heard saying ” i will give you an’ A ‘ if you go out with me”. But others say ” i will fail you in class if you dont have sex with me”. These lecturers keep uttering touching comments, and/or gestures so to make the girl unconfortable, or unsafe at University, and such acts prevent girls from participating in or benefitting from university programmes and activities. This is indeed HOSTILE ENVIROMENT HARASSMENT. Generally this unwanted conduct(verbal or non verbal) leads to trouble sleeping. difficulty studying,embarrassment, anxiety, fear , depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts to female students.

Therefore, this calls on the University management to institute Internal counter Information network which could gather such information beneficial to disciplining such promiscuious lecturers/ perpetrators of sexual harassment.


MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA – The problem is those things come decades later to haunt people. Uganda will not always be the corrupt country it is now. This is INTEGRITY. As Denis put it. It is doing the right thing as if you are being watched all the time. No excuses. One of our buddies in this group said “wapi, if even sex can tempt Clinton and Trump, who are the University professors?”
This is a very bad attitude. Just because everyone is jumping off the cliff does not mean we should all jump off the cliff. Ethics really should be made a mandatory course line in all the Universities, Colleges, Technicals and in fact starting as far as P3.
This is to enable people to critically think about the implications of the actions they take or the things they say. If you excuse rape now or sexual harassment, you will excuse a massacre. Just the way we did in Kasese.
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