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RWOMUSHANA: Mozey Radio was killed like many other musicians

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I had earlier submitted this young musician was murdered and there is an attempt to do a cover up. ..

There appears to be a deadly plot to decimate these musicians more so that they are political and like political parties are centers of energy in mass mobilisation.

Like religious leaders they are bribed to support the #alNakba. ..

These musicians are there for hire. ..

If they thought they are safe in a repressive system, then they are stupid. .

I have already raised several questions on this young man’s murder.

Kindly followthe link here below. ..

I have also posted here photos of another musician hit and admitted in hospital. ..

I’m having a conversation with a friend

with a 4 years experience as a trauma surgeon.

He avers the brain as the most protected organ in the body.

The skull is really very hard to crack and the brain is heavily anchored by a tough tissue in many areas.

A 32 year old has not yet suffered brain atrophy (shrinkage) to allow wobbling by a moderate deceleration force.

This young musician therefore suffered injury from a severe deceleration or direct hit.

The surgeon doesn’t see how professional bouncing would cause any of the two.

The point is, this could only have been an aggravated assault.

An assault from Special Forces

To breach the thickness & heaviness of a 32 year old skull or to shear (stretch momentarily) the the complex protective fibrous tissue shown above needs a force that’s well above 10 times the force needed to bounce an individual.

Example; a boda boda rider needs to directly hit his head on the ground or on an object while riding at 40Km/hr and above and he has to not be wearing a helmet.

Those who raise issues of heavy liquor. …Black lebel etc.

Liqour indeed can worsen the situation, but only by causing vomiting which would compromise breathing

It doesn’t reduced the anatomic protection mentioned

The suggestion that liquor increases perfusion of blood to the brain or that bleeding is more likely to happen is not true.

Generally, liqour is related to trauma with regard to bad judgement, which increases the incidence or trauma but not the outcome once trauma has already occurred.

It doesn’t reduced the anatomic protection mentioned.

The suggestion that liquor increases perfusion of blood to the brain or that bleeding is more likely to happen is not true.

If the young musician injury is to be simulated….You would be in for a rude shock

There is a thin thread I’m tracking. …

Woshington, this murdered Musician producer has contacts with and or controls most music gangsters in Rwanda the likes of

1. Kitoko
2. Urban Boys
3. Dream Boys
4. Ibisumizi
5. Riderman

Certainly his death will be as contraversal as the destruction of the Kitata Kale Kayihura Boda Boda #alNakba Gang. ..

Museveni says he will find the killers. ..after the boys death and the outpouring of emotions.

So if the musician hadn’t died. .?

Wasn’t Museveni going to track those who hit him.

Several musicians have been hit and so are other innocent Ugandans.

The killing of Ugandans doesn’t bother these musicians who are certainly centres of mass mobilisation.

Yours is to sing Tubonga naawe. .etc

How do you kubonga with an #alNakba whose police is involved in organised crime including killing innocent people. .?

Okey bonga with the #alNakba as you board the famous Baganda bus

#Mpaawo atalikaaba.

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