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Rwomushana exposes hidden reasons of Museveni invasion of DRCongo

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The main story here is by Charles Rwomushana who is a former director of Intelligence for the current regime of President Yoweri Museveni.

Rwomushana’s words carry more weight and even perhaps more than what I have personally tagged you all on and shared in the past.  What is even more concerning is that Rwomushana and I have never discussed security matters and we do not work together on anything.  I have my own team of analysts in Uganda who are in the current regime or have been with the current regime.

Yet Rwomushana says what I have pretty well been saying all this time.

For those of you not familiar with Charles’ writing.  He refers to NRA meaning National Resistancy Army which is sometimes referred to as National Resistance Movement (NRM) which is the ruling party of the current junta.  Many Ugandans, include me, refer to NRA as National Robbers’ Army and to NRM as National Robbers’ Movement.  For the fact that they loot, plunder and rob.

Charles also never mentions NRA or NRM without adding alNakba.  Have no idea what that word means but I think it is Arabic for something not very nice.  Rwomushana is on Facebook and on Twitter.  I would follow him if I were you because his analysis is always timely and solid.

PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE WHAT I SHARED WITH YOU AND THE WHOLE WORLD EARLIER.  History will judge you very harshly and vindicate me.  I recently authored a report on the Security issues (the history behind DRC) for an Independent African Security organisation.  I will share that report in the near future after my client clears me to share it for public consumption.  The issues are very simple.  You will see. Charles here presents a lot of what I had in my report.

Why world silence on resurgence of #M23 rebellion – #Uganda #DRCongo?

In 2013 a combined AU force comprising of Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa defeated the Rwanda and Uganda backed M23 rebel outfit in eastern DRC before they fled to Uganda and Rwanda for sanctuary. Kagame and Museveni treated the intervention as a betrayal on the part of Tanzania.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


Indications are that the NRA occupation #alNakba forces continue to reinforce positions along the Western border. ..covering most of the lower parts of the Albertine graben. ..

The NRA occupation #alNakba officially announced had commenced military operations against a force the occupation calls ADF.

Ofcourse what is interesting is that the military bases allegedly hit by the military  are situated in the sovereign Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Congo is a member of South Africa Development Corporation.

SADC and the DR Congo have not issued any official statement.

The DR Congo is under a quasi United Nations protection that has ranged from peace keeping to peace enforcement

UN too has not issued an official statement.

The UN obliterated the M23 to the extent that M23 backers realised it was no lucrative business nursing M23.

Same UN could have hunted the said force said to have hit the Tanzanian contingent serving with the UN.

It’s this little Uganda avenging UN

For those who may not be aware,  the March 23 agreement related to the Rwandese Patriotic Army RPA  and the NRA occupation #alNakba  surrogate forces of Nkunda  Sultan Makenga and the notorious Ntaganda exclusive occupation of the North and South Kivu and that whereas Mr Kabila of the sovereign DR CONGO would double as commander in chief of those hooligans, he had no powers to deploy them outside the Kivu.

Through these hooligans,  Rwanda and the NRA occupation #alNakba had effectively occupied the Kivu.

These hooligans also doubled as a political party .

Like Kagame RPA and the Museveni NRA #alNakba, the M23 were an armed political party.

This stupidity was rejected, they rose up in the M23 uprising and they were obliterated by the Conscious African Liberation fighters.

Prior to this lunacy,  the NRA occupation #alNakba and the reactionary RPA sought to occupy DR CONGO.

They overthrew Mubutu and installed Desire Kabila.

The current minister of Defence Rwanda James Kabarebe headed the DR Congo military.

The sovereign people of DR CONGO rejected this lunacy , the counter revolutionary forces of NRA and RPA flew troops to Kitoona and advanced to Inga Dam after capturing Matadi. .

Angola,  Namibia,  Zimbabwe  and Chad deployed against this barbaric African imperialism and defeated it.

I have always referred to it as the Kitoona Consensus.

The last time I had an in depth conversation with Mr Caleb Akandwanaho also known as Salim Saleh Rufu( death ), I invited him to reflect on whether the Kitoona Consensus was instinctive or conscious.

Saleh had never reflected on this and yet he was the Supreme Commander of the Allied RPA / NRA #alNakba.

I put it to Saleh, that unless a thorough appreciation of the Kitoona Consensus was done,  the NRA occupation #alNakba was in for a decisive military defeat.

And indeed the #alNakba is regestering military defeats in the Congo.

Mr Museveni, Saleh and Kabarebe had instinctively waged war on the conscious African people.

They were defeated at Kitoona and because they were not a conscious but primitive they faught amongst themselves in Kisangani.

They continue to devour each other  upto date because their cause is primitive.

The wars unleashed by the #alNakba on the African people  in DR Congo, Central Africa, Sudan etc were not progressive.

They were primitive.

They were primitive because they #alNakba were merely agents of criminal syndicates in the neo imperialism paradym aimed at dispossessing the galant African people of their land, mineral wealth,  culture, heritage and history through mass extermination.

We have 10 million people decimated in the Kivu, more than 6 million Rwandese killed,  millions of Sudanese are dead and or are refugees and the entire Muslim community in Central Africa are uprooted.

Certainly these are not designs of any imperial power or corporations.

These are designs of criminal syndicates.

Imperial Anglo American corporations can buy African mineral wealth without killing Africans in millions.

Having regestered countless military defeats ever since the Kitoona Consensus and heroic battles of Bangui that witnessed the  surrender of South African forces,  the #alNakba forces have been desperate not to witness unprecedented military theatre in the interior lines in Uganda and Rwanda.

The #alNakba has been through all sorts of pastors and fasting to have the war resolved in the Equatorial province  and in the jungles of the Congo.

The object is to cut off the rear and indulge in encirclement and surpression campaign of any units operating in the interior lines.

This is the unannounced object of the current military campaign.

The #alNakba occupation lacks initiative and has been pushed into defensive operations in a quasi border seal.

Ofcourse the #alNakba has no military capacity to seal that vast border with the  DR Congo.

I have already observed that by initiating military operations in Albertine graben,  the NRA occupation #alNakba fetally wounded the oil dream.

Tanzania and Uganda have no capacity to secure the pipeline.

Uganda oil will only be  drilled  by free and sovereign people of  Uganda.

Certainly not by the occupied masses.

The NRA occupation #alNakba and whoever their allies will never drill that oil.

And yet the occupation economy is desperate for oil money.

They will not get oil money and must collapse.

Now that Brig Karemire is mute on his rhetoric of enemy casualties. .and is also mute on own casualties, they cannot claim any military orgasm.

You see the proper size of a cock when it rains on it.

Karemire proper size is now crystal clear.

The NRA occupation #alNakba is desperate to postpone elections to 2023 because the forecast is terrible.

The NRA occupation #alNakba must negotiate a surrender  and will face a fair trial.

As a people we can’t compromise nor negotiate our sovereignty.

Charles Rwomushana

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