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Questions Civil Society in Uganda must ask Tumwebaze, UCC

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Does Uganda have a birth, death registry database?

This is the key database that will track births, marriages, divorces and deaths.  It will also track all information using the National ID which I am on record for supporting till I found out that there is no such database.

Let us say I was wrong and you have it.  Are all National IDs unique?  Were you registering people at the village level sans computer access to the central database?

If all answers to the above are yes, what is your access level for inserting and deleting records into this database?  What security measures do you have in place to avoid deletions of records or inserting records?

This is database security.  The best paying job in this age is your DBA or DBM because they help you to manage you to manage information.

What is even more scary is that you are turning over all identifying information of Ugandans to Telecom companies who are on record for being poor handlers of people’s information.  If they were any good, you would not be putting Ugandans through this joke of an excercise to re-register Sim Cards.

If you do not have adequate security around our people’s information then you have absolutely no right to collect the information.  Can you imagine what hackers and terrorists can do with such information.  I am a victim of Identity Theft.  Just ask Equifax or Trans Union.  However both credit reporting organisations were able to trap suspicious transactions using my ID for I do not walk into a car dealership and buy a car using a credit card and neither do I walk into a bank and buy a house ready to pay cash using a corporate card.

If you do not ask tough questions, you are leaving Ugandans in the dark and you will be called to task one day.

This Tumwebaze has been talked about by Mirundi as a thief.  UCC is trying to scam money from Ugandans.  You must not allow this theft to continue.

I was previously a Database Analyst and Security / Standards advisor for a big company.  There is no way we can now let IDIOTS run ICT in Uganda and allow us to become culpable for Identity Theft and watch us be implicated in crimes we did not commit.  For my people, I will provide consulting advice for free because Ugandans deserve more than the monkey business I am seeing.  Start with assuring Ugandans that IDs are unique.  If they are not Unique, we will make them unique by normalizing your database and putting security around everything.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


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