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Professor Nuwagaba should resign

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Sanity needs to return to this country. Prof. Nuwagaba should resign from his position for his support of dictatorship in the country. According to the professor, dictatorship could bring social transformation in the country. The country and its people are not the problem but the rulers of our nation are the problems.

Uganda has been under dictatorship since 1966 and how far has it developed? In 2015, he blamed education system in Uganda as responsible for wracking havoc on Uganda economy. Its the system of government that we have, making its priorities upside down? Why would a sane government leader spends billions of money buying weapons when our hospitals have no medicine, teachers under paid, opposition leaders under siege, a primary seven failure getting admitted in Makerere and now she is a minister?

What type of message is professor Nuwagaba sending to his students? Uganda has had a wealth of dictators and that system has fallen flat on its face. One man’s rule for over three decades and some of our people are pushing cows in cars. Most of our best and brightest students are selling roasted chicken on the streets of Kampala while we have such professor Nuwagaba spouting out more dictatorship instead of fighting for his students to get jobs. He gave an example of Rwanda becoming a possible donor country to Uganda in ten years, but he forgot the volatile politics of that tiny country. Rwanda as well Uganda both are sitting on a volcano and any time the volcano can rapture.

Many nations invest in their youth, computer scientists, medical graduates to come up with solutions to improve our society but Museveni is investing in UPDF to invade our neighbors causing refugee influx into our country and then he runs to UN for money. Professor Nuwagaba is like a dog that is used to be chained all the time and once its free, it has no idea what to do with its freedom but again runs to its master to be chained again and again.

Finally, can someone tell me why there is less torture of prisoners in Ankole prisons than the rest of the country? Is it because most policemen are from that region and they have attachments to their people and therefore don’t use brutal methods on their prisoners? Now go to other parts of the country. Many policemen in central and other areas, are from Ankole and prison torture is above boiling point, is it because they have no attachment to the prisoners?

Do you think Kayihura will have mercy on Otim than he would on Habyarimana? Many Ugandans shiver on the thought of Museveni bringing Sudanese soldiers in Uganda and why? Some of us, remember very well when Amin had soldiers from Congo (Maliyamungu) and how they used to torture people. A policeman from Ankole should have no business policing people in Karamoja unless they go through cultural sensitivity training on the cultural norms of Karamajongos and vise vasa. As always, the less informed will call Span a tribalistic but those fortunate enough to be informed will support a federal system of governance in Uganda.



Nathan Span

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2 Comments to Professor Nuwagaba should resign

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