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Most Ugandans only understand goodwill regarding to Business world but Goodwill falls with equal force to the political world.

Political Goodwill is referred to as a good reputation enjoyed by a politician because of the trust and influence s/he has with the public and other public figures that s/he can in turn use to mobilise the voting public.
Political goodwill is mainly accumulated through experience, seniority and serving in leadership positions while working for the population which looks up to you.

Most Ugandan politicians have got all the opportunities to accumulate political goodwill but few have achieved it because it takes an honest and determined heart to achieve political goodwill.
Goodwill is accumulated by maintaining consistent political positions and ideologies. This is one of the key reasons behind the goodwill enjoyed by people like Nelson Mandela of South Africa up to their death. It is because Madiba maintained democratic principles.

This is the same reason why President Museveni of Uganda has not accumulated goodwill from the masses in Uganda since the democratic principles he came with in 1986 have turned into Dictatorial principles. This is very dangerous as its effects were seen in Zimbabwe where the public had to celebrate the overthrow of President Robert Mugabe since he had no goodwill of the masses.

Goodwill is also accumulated by winning elections, pursuing policies that have public support and performing favours for other politicians. This element has denied Museveni Goodwill following Different constitutional amendments like removal of term limits to the detriment of Ugandans.
The removal of term limits was supported by many prominent elites and politicians in Uganda. However, now things have worsened with his attempt to remove age limit from the constitution.
Most of you will remember January 26 when Museveni gave a speech in Masindi (which is on the Internet) and looked at the crowd of his electorate and said “I am not your servant”.

Political Goodwill is highest in the “honeymoon period” where the president is newly elected and the people still support the person they voted for. This is evident with regards to Uganda where the President elected in 2016 is facing a lot of opposition from the public and that puts a strong doubt in his winning which in turn shows that he has no goodwill from Ugandans.

Goodwill is also accumulated by keeping and maintaining your words. This is the reason why General Mugisha Muntu of Uganda has a political good will of the masses in Uganda because of keeping his democratic word. The General left the ruling party once it failed to follow the democratic principles and joined the opposition from where he has continued to advocate for democracy. This has earned him a political goodwill.

Dr. Kizza Besigye, the main opposition leader in Uganda has always had the goodwill of Ugandans because of maintaining his democratic words but this goodwill is deteriorating as he has chosen to influence every decision in FDC. This was seen in party presidential elections where he was behind the allegations that one of the candidates was a ‘mole’. This led to the deterioration of his reputation among the public as a man of democracy.
On the other side, we can’t neglect political activists and journalists who have also accumulated goodwill in Uganda.
These individuals have through their honest work and writings attained a good reputation in the public to the extent that their decisions influence the voting public. These people may include Frank Gashumba, Charles Rwomushana, TVO, Martha Leah Nangalama and many others.

The realistic part of Goodwill is that it takes years to build Goodwill but it only requires you seconds to lose it. The practical part of this can be seen with the journalist Andrew Mwenda who had good reputation and was much loved, which he accumulated for years but suddenly lost it when he began to praise the Dictator Museveni. This has also earned him a title “The late Andrew Mwenda”.

Accumulating goodwill requires nothing much. Just be honest. Be friendly. Be helpful, cooperative and maintain democratic ideologies. Maintaining that status will raise your reputation and in the long run you will achieve political goodwill of the masses forever.

GOODWILL cannot be bought. It cannot be bribed. It does not lie. It does not cheat or slander. It fuels the future. It helps where help is needed. If informs. It fights injustice. GOODWILL in politics must remain focused on what is good for the people.

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