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PICTURES: Bobi Wine gives concert in Hoima, Museveni brags about his wealth

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#Uganda @HEBobiwine setting Hoima ablaze.
Bobi Wine shaking down Hoima tonight.
He had ekibuuulu and now just came into the streets of Hoima. He will be at Booma Hoima grounds for a music show later tonight.
[12:32 PM, 11/25/2017] Economic activity bicycle bodaboda riding. Then I heard the president saying he doesn’t see poverty amongst Ugandans!! If his heart could turn into human being’s at. least.
[12:46 PM, 11/25/2017] Martha Leah Nangalama: Owen, what people do not understand about Museveni is that he tests the limit of Ugandans. He keeps pushing the envelop to see if they will do anything to defend themselves.
He then realises they will do nothing. Take the January 26, 2017 Masindi liberation day address. “I am not your servant. Those who think I work for them are mistaken. I work for my own beliefs. I am a freedom fighter. I am not a servant”. They 👏👏👏👏 and even the elites and media acted shocked and then just continued cheering him on.
You will remember that previous to that he had said AND on live camera “I only work for my family and my children. I do not work for Uganda”. On both occasions, he got away with it.
Fast forward. “I am going to rule Uganda forever. Amend the constitution. There is nothing you can do about it. I have the army”. He throws billions at the pathetic MPigs and the imbeciles proceed to do “consultations” insulting the entire nation as if anyone wants the bastard to rule Uganda forever!

Meanwhile, he had pushed through the Monsanto GMO bill and did you hear even opposition say BOO? NOPE, because they never pay attention to the real issues. Too busy bitching at each other and anyone who dares to tell them they have no strategy to fight a dictator.
Now he says “I am a very rich man. I do not see poverty in Uganda”. Did you see anyone go out and tell him that out of 41.38 million Ugandans, 40 million are suffering like orphans?
He will get his land bill whether you like it or not. So far you have done nothing to stop his insanity so what makes you think you will this time around?
As it is, the judges and margistrates are on strike and there is no pay increase in sight. Has the country gone to hell? Non.
You had an excellent opportunity to cramble the regime via the #DoctorStrike and what do you do? Today the Medics have decided to all return to work sans salary increase, no medical equipment and no supplies with the same pathetic working conditions as before. So Museveni wins again.
He will displace Ugandans. He will slaughter many. He will import refugees. He will get rid of the kingdoms. He will give your land to foreigners. WHY? Because he can. No one is complaining. Everyone is contented in their misery and poverty and lazy minds which refuse to think, read, write, demand for their rights, critically analyse..nebilala nebilala.
Why should Museveni change when Ugandans love him the way he is?
Martha Leah Nangalama
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