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PICTURES: ASP Arinaitwe will remain innocent as long as Museveni remains in power

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Uganda Police has disclosed that its own blue eyed top regime cadre, ASP Arinaitwe has been arrested and is being investigated for rape. The victim is an 18 years old university student. It is reported that she came to know the suspect after when her mother took her to the police headquarters to seek counseling services over her “unbecoming sexual desires that were affecting her academic performance”.  It is further reported that during the same visit the victim and the suspect stealthy exchanged telephone contacts.

The suspect is said to have later on called the victim and they met in his parked car at Nakawa in Kampala city where the rape is said to have taken place. Thereafter, the victim is said to have confided to her friends and eventually her mother also got to know about the rape and went back to the police headquarters to report the rape case.  The Police Spokesperson, Ssekate who broke the news to the press remarked that the suspect will be taken to the Police Disciplinary Court if found culpable and may face dismissal from the force.

ASP Arinaitwe is a son to a one Maj. Victor Bwana (deceased) who was a top Museveni regime cadre and former District Administrator (DA) of Mbarara District. In 2006 he graduated from the Uganda Christian University at Mukono where he studied social work and social administration. He took to pastoral work at the Mbarara based Mbarara Pentecostal Church from where he was recruited into Revenue Protection Services under URA before joining the Police. Upon completion of training, just like all other well connected individuals, Arinaitwe’s promotion was fast tracked and afforded preferential treatment in terms of assignments. His first assignment was at the Police Headquarters Homicide Squad.  When he was assigned to the team that was investigating Pastor Kayanja’s sodomy cases, he instead joined Kayanja’s church and rose to become the In charge of Security at the same church.  Arinaitwe was later posted to the Rapid Response Unit at Kireka.

During the Walk to Work demonstrations, in April 2011, he almost killed Dr. Kiiza Besigye in the city centre during a violent confrontation. Using a pistol, he smashed Dr. Besigye’s car windscreen before directly spraying a canister if teargas into his eyes and brutally dragging him from the car. Dr. Besigye had to be flown to Nairobi for emergency treatment before regaining his sight. The police, as usual swung in to provide protection to ASP Arinaitwe by pretending to suspend him from duty. It ordered the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to exonerate him from any form of criminal responsibility. The DPP gave his opinion thus; “…. S.2 of the Criminal Procedure Code Act mandates the police to use all means necessary to effect arrest where a person forcibly resists arrest”.

After being let off the hook, the police advised ASP Arinaitwe to lay low the same way it has advised other officers like Charles Kataratambi, Aron Baguma, Komurubuga, NATO and others who are off the radar. It is reported that the police sent him to South Africa for some time before deploying him to Masindi Training School as an Instructor.  Around July 2015, social media was awash with news of ASP Arinaitwe having developed a mental problem. The Police came out to vigorously refute the clams saying that “it was aware of the hostile strategies designed by political opportunists during this critical political stage, to tarnish the image of the police and the country through media syndicates.” The then Police Spokesman, Fred Enanga added; “…. we want to confirm to the public that the officer has never been admitted for any illness at Masindi Hospital or mental hospital as alleged.”  It later turned out that ASP Arinaitwe’s wife, Beatrice Nagawa (Advocate) had left him over his physical abusiveness and infidelity.

In February 2016 the police formally redeployed him under the Criminal Intelligence Department. However, he continued to preach in different Born Again Churches around Kampala. He even found his own church around Mubarak Zone in Makindye Division. Interestingly, he and other police officers in his company would preach while donning full police uniform.  In late June 2017, he told NBS Television that he had no regrets for what he had done to Dr. Besigye in 2011 “since he was serving his master”.

Six days ago, most likely after he had committed the alleged rape, he gave another exclusive interview to Andy Gavi of UG Christian News in which he talks about his relationship with God, career, divorce, health and more. Yesterday the police Spokesman, Kasingye, backtracked by saying that the victim had come with her mother at CID headquarters at Kibuli to report a case. ‘had come to report a case’ triggers the beginning of my ‘smell of a rat’.

Like any other criminal offence, rape can only be proven by establishment of its ingredients (characteristics) i.e. absence of consent by the victim or consent obtained by deceitful means or misrepresentation, capacity of the suspect’s male organs to penetrate the victim’s private parts, and other circumstantial/corroborative evidence.

Why would any mother take her university going daughter to the police headquarters for the so called “counseling over her unbecoming sexual desire that had affected her academic performance”!!!!!  Why would an adult girl willingly but stealthily give her telephone contact to a strange police officer, agree to meet her outside the office and in a car and be raped without any resistance or alarm that would have attracted passers by!!!!
Where would a victim of rape get the courage to report the case to the same office where her rapist works!!!!! Why is the name of the victim

kept out of public domain as if she is a minor!!!!! Why is the police now changing its statement from ‘victim had come to seek counseling’ to ‘had come to report a case’!!!!!!  How come the Police that every Ugandan knows to be reputed for protecting its own who are involved in crime, but more so a big asset like Gilbert Arinaitwe, is the same police that is calling press conferences to announce the alleged rape!!!!!!

Given the gravity of the alleged offence, why is the police suggesting that the officer will appear before the Police Disciplinary Court instead of the ordinary Court of Judicature!!!!  What determines where a police criminal offender is to appear because some favoured officers appear before the police court while others are sent to ordinary courts.  Those who tortured Dr. Besigye Supporters were given a mock trial by the police court but those who tortured the Mayor of Kamwenge are before the Magistrate’s Court.

What about the Masaka RPC, Maxwell Ogwal and the Rukungiri DCIID, Michael Ogwal who are facing cases allegedly committed in the course of their duties but are before the Magistrate Courts!!!!!!! Rape is not a typical offence to warrant trial by a police disciplinary committee but rather, a capital offence only triable by High Court. Finally, is it by coincidence that a few days after Arinaitwe opted to go public with interviews and preaching is when the rape story comes up!!!!

Watch out my fellow gullible Ugandans; something funny is cooking. May God forbid, the matter may turn out to be a hoax or some scheme designed to tarnish some people in the opposition.  I personally won’t be surprised if the so-called victim and her mother will at one time be paraded only to inform Ugandans how some people had bought them to tarnish the image of the institution. For those who can remember the case of Kyakuwa who the regime paid to implicate Dr. Besigye in a rape case, you can now connect. On the contrary, if it is true that Arinaitwe had sex with the victim in the car, and assuming the circumstances remain constant, the only charge that can be sustained is Being Idle and Disorderly.


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