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PARENTING: Theodore finally took a bath after a long time

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Those who have read the story of MY DOG THEODORE know how much Tasha loves her dog.

Today is a public holiday in Canada and USA so we have had a lazy day.

However, hat happened this morning is Tasha woke up and suddenly had a PLAN.

“Mom, Theodore needs a bath”.  Me “let us take him in the backyard and hose him down!”.

Non mother, he seriously needs a good bath.  I know this place which is like a car wash for pets. Works like a car wash but you can wash your pet there and dry him too.

Theodore has been in the car only three times since we got him.  The first time was from the animal shelter (SPCA Moncton) and the dog refused to get into the car.  We had to lift him into the car.

The second time was when we had to take him to the Vet for his medical. 

Then the third time was when he ran into a car and needed surgery to amputate one of his legs.  This was very terrifying.  Vet told us that dogs are born with 3 legs and a spare.  So she took off the spare, the broken leg.

Before we got Theodore, he had been in an abusive relationship and had run away from home.  When we brought him home, he continued that habit of running away.  The minute you would open the door a tiny bit, the dog would run away.  Running away from love because he had little trust.

But after the surgery (he now only has 3 legs), he calmed down.  But we are always afraid that he will run away.  Dogs in our village tend to run into the street and this is how Theodore ran into a car.

So this morning, I tell Tash “you just got your license and you wanna drive Theodore to Moncton to wash him? REPLY ..”I will be fine. I will put a leash on him”.  Was still unsettled so she got her dad to drive with her to Moncton to wash Theodore.  Cost CAD $4.  The place has water, shampoos, dryers and all sorts of things for your pet.  They drive him home and I ask “did he fight in the car?”

Dogs are very intelligent.  When leaving our driveway, if you turn to the left, the dog knows he is going to see the VET.  If you turn to the right, the dog knows it is a drive for fun.  So they turned to the right and the dog stuck his head out of the car and enjoyed the ride.

Of course, if you are going to wash a dog, you must have towels and blankets.  Dogs smell like dogs when they are wet.  So there is that factor of not wanting them to play in the rain or get wet by a bath.

Theodore is so clean now, we are all petting him.  We will do this more frequently (the washing at the Pet Bay.  AND it is a good thing that Tasha did not drive Theodore to the wash bay by herself.  Only God knows if that dog had started to have a SPAS attack in the car.


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