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PARENTING: Something magical about borning a baby

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The whole thing of being a parent is truly magical.

This is a feel good story unlike my usual stories. Ahem.

In Canada we attend lessons on how to make a baby. Then how to be pregnant. Then labour for both parents. Followed with breastfeeding. Followed with how to raise smart baby.

We are also told that it costs $1mln to raise a baby to age 18. As if parenting ends there. We also have college / university.

Me, I skipped all the training. I was gonna get a baby the way all Bagisu women have always DID IT.

OMG! I am gonna bring a life in this world. I do not even know what I am doing in my life.

Dial emergency line. Fly in mother and my sister.  They have experience in such things. Thank heaven.

On November 7th, my older brother Mushikori and  I jump in our cars and drive to the airport (Pearson Airport Toronto). Bob takes his auntie in his car. I take my sister in my car.

In all this, Thierry had also been trying to get his parents to fly over from France.  My mother in law “but surely you do not need everyone to fly to Toronto for a baby!”

Him “mama, you do not know Nangi. She skipped all the lessons”.

Imagine my shock when the doctor called.  “All my pregnant patients are going to deliver their babies this week. I am leaving next week for 3 weeks”.

I went into labour. We were counting the contactions and timing them.

When the Tele nurse said “drive to the hospital”, we did.

We had already chosen a name. Rebecca or Sebastien.

I was still not fully dilated. That all changed in 15mins.

This nurse at shift change over tells me at 9am “I work for results. Baby gonna be born now. On my watch”.

Our doctor had left me reading a newspaper saying “they will page me”. It was 9:45am. He took off. At 10am he is storming into the hospital.

I had been screaming “give me the drugs. Give me the damn drugs. This pain..oh no..give me the drugs”.

Next thing I hear “what a beautiful girl”.  The pain had numbed me and I am still yelling “give me the drugs.”  But there was no pain.

A small person was screaming and they were giving me this little 3kg alien to feed her.

She was so tiny. So I only fed her because she looked very fragile and fragile beings need to be cared for.  Took me 6 weeks to realise I had pushed out a football. And she lives to this day. “Mom, you caried me in your belly and pushed me into this world”.

Truly, the best gift heaven gives a woman is to carry a baby into this world.  I think God did well to trust woman to bear life.

I will do it 1000 times over and over again.

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