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Parenting in Canada is a joke, #ClimateChange is a hoax

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Today was day 3 in Grade 11 (S5) but today I was smarter to see what the little monkey would not complain about.

At 1:00AM the 8.4 magnitude earth quake hit Mexico.  I half opened my eyes to check on #Irama, #Jose and #Katia and then the shock?  Who the F was playing Jumanji?  Lying half asleep, the news thread was going nuts saying Florida, Texas, Antigua, Mexico, etc,,  But at this time there was no way of telling what was really happening?

Of course Asian markets had also just opened and the trading was between here and there depending on #Hurricane #Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katrina and then this silly earth quake.

Then all of a sudden, Twitter is flooding with #Tsunami warnings for like some 6 countries and the waves are a meter high then the panic in Florida to evacuate people while Caicos, Bermuda, Haiti, Antigua were facing the storm.

All these things must be taken in stride because in #Kenya, something else was happening and another dead woman was discovered in #Uganda which then made the killings 29 so far since we started counting.

Finally, it dawned to me that there was no #ClimateChange, no wars, no killings, no school homework, actually nothing.  Beacuse we must never get destracted for we must pay attention to key issues.

The key issue was to get on the school bus in time to avoid driving to town to the school and ensure we pack the right food (yoghurt and salad since we are on a diet) or …. it was heaven when Andrew drove from Moncton to come pick up his GF.

Small little blessings.  I took a bite into his breakfast.  I was so famished at 6am it was not funny.


Humans must stop saying there is #ClimateChange.  We deforest, build in wetlands, steal all the money given for us to build strong structures.  We hate immigrants and proudly talk about them because they are useless and lazy till one time they hack into EQUIFAX and suddenly you are wondering if the hackers are Americans or Canadians but they just walked away with 50% of the information of your clients.

The hurricanes are easy to explain.  We pissed off Mother Nature and she is a bitch.  She now demands payback.

We deforest and Mr. Nature sends us droughts which lead to famine.

We sack environmental specialists because they terribly annoy us with their daily prints of calamities.

We do not think that arms (ammunition is the problem) so we supply them so that humanity can kill themselves.

We do not support education and then wonder why we have terrorists dead set on annihilating us. They are doing a damn good job by the way.

We denigrate women and we think it is okay but Mother Nature is a woman so when Mother Nature gets angry, it may be because her children are girls.

We choose silence instead of speaking out against injustice and then build walls.  Oh yeah, if we do not build that wall, government will be shut down and serves you all right for not realising that anyone and everything outside of your comfort circle must be shut off.

In the end, we cannot blame anyone.  It is us who are the problem.  How many people have been killed in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, USA, Somalia, South Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and now Uganda?  Is this the peace we want?  The peace which is silent that we do not see or acknowledge silence when humans are dying daily?

I bet you soon, we will see another WE ARE ONE for Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan!

If this is the peace we choose, then I quit.  Does Yemen still even exist on the world map?  Might it be possible that the calamities hitting USA and Europe are to awaken us?

For a fact, the world will never know peace for as long as 2% own 95% of the world’s wealth and control all policies.  If you do not share wealth, you will pay a very big price.  You might not be attacked by humans via terrorism but our God / Allah / Mungu is a God who wants all of humanity to live in peace and this peace will never be achieved while some of us hoard as others suffer.

It is so bad that even me now, I wanna join a fake church and kiss the feet of a false prophet!

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada — Born and Raised in Uganda

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