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Paramount to achieving your goals is your actions

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By Denis Wabuyi

Being a Sunday, March 4, 2018, I delved into my Bible and came across a parable in the book of Mathew that I find interesting or rather, surprising. It is about a handsome guy who married 5 virgins but would have married 10 if the other 5 were not slay queens.

What happened was that these slay queens were also targeting this one guy. But when they went to the market in preparation for him who would come late in the night, 5 ladies and 5 slay queens all bought tadoobas knowing that in the night when the guy appears, they will be able to identify him by face before heading to the altar.

After buying the tadoobas, the slay queens walked away to Sheraton to await the Prince while the 5 ladies knowing that UMEME was unreliable, bought paraffin which is of course required to light the lamps.

Because the slay queens had galloped much of the expensive wines, they soon fall asleep only to be awakened by the sound of the bell calling onto the virgins to meet their hunk at All Saints Church Nakasero but lo, the whole place was in darkness. The slay queens think in the inverse. Instead of walking alongside the ladies who had remembered to come along with paraffin, they decided to rush to the nearest shell for paraffin.

By the time they reached Christ the King, panting, holding their gowns around the waist with their leggings protruding, Archbishop Lwanga had already asked the gateman not to open for anyone. That is how the handsome guy was denied a chance to earn himself 10 virgins and instead settled for 5. Now, if you’re thinking like me, this is justification enough for those that wish to practice polygamy in church, not so? Even Jesus acknowledged its existence.

Another is about the 3 men who were given money and one who was Mugisu decided to bury his boss’s coin in the ground and upon demand, he picked the same and gave it back with some biting words of how his boss is stingy and likes reaping where he never sow. To me, this man was a reflection of the majority individuals we interface with every day of our life.

People who have perpetually failed to match their ambition with their actions. A person has sacrificed his all, invested money and time in an organization, created a job or two and he does you a favour, gives you a job but you have the guts to cheat him not necessarily by stealing his money but offering services less than you’re paid for.

There is a guy called Fred (not real names) but he qualified a year before me and was fortunate enough to secure a job in a small credit union. His ambition was to use this as a stepping stone toward reaching his dream “job”. After all who would employ you without an ounce of experience? This guy has remained on the stepping stone, 9 years down the road.

I seem to be the bad guy disclosing his weaknesses but at least I have shared with him on various occasions concerning his ambition, action and inaction.

In many cases, especially in a developing economy like Uganda, a single job exposes you to numerous challenges and opportunities. But believe you me, the challenges we meet at our workplaces are what define us. For some of us, we have made it a habit to front the thought that one can work in an organisation and they grow bigger than the organisation. Those are the kind who choose to enrich themselves by defrauding their employer, companies or government. They tend to cross a bridge where it exists not or skip a clear ground and in many cases land in a ditch full of dirty stuff from the drainage channels of KCCA and other towns.

Then we have another class of people who are afraid that if they work much, the organisation they work for may outgrow them at the advantage of their bosses. Now ask yourself, if the organisation grew by your effort doing what you committed to do, what do you lose? You therefore find old men and women waking up in the morning, going to the workstation, log into the system then switch on to social media or games. So everyday it goes on and you pretend to be working yet in real sense you’re pushing yourself into a category of some excess baggage that one would do away with. Just wait for the day when the company will pretend to be paying and decide to restructure. You will be the first to go; and who is to blame? Ancestors!

It is impossible that one can work for a company, help it to grow and yourself remain the same. It is possible that if the company does not raise the figures on your pay check, and yet you have been at the center of that growth, then you have earned what money may not easily buy; Experience. But not only that, it gives you morale and the courage to strike out on your own or even the exposure to the next company that wishes to hire!

The continuous misappropriation of ambition, turning it into blind optimism and wishful thinking is what drives most of us today that whereas we want to grow, the level of effort we direct into our career doesn’t reflect this will. The pretentious work that we see right from the private sector to the public service is what is keeping us in big slogans and low lives. A person wakes up, celebrates 2017 and declares 2018 to be “my year” but does not take initiative to change anything about their ways. Slogans like “wealth creation, poverty alleviation, prosperity and middle income” have been good entertainers but for how long shall we pretend to be working and still expect results that are not equally pretentious? Why do you celebrate a birthday when in the 12 months all that you have added are social media posts, boyfriends and years?

Our plans, ambitions, dreams and expectations if not reflected in action can easily drive us mad. It is the reason one person who earns a million wakes up to rent an apartment of 800,000/- and buys a vehicle on credit but expects to achieve financial independence by spending an extra hour in church.

It is what inspires a nation to drive into an opposite direction and expect to reach middle income economy; when majority citizens cannot access medical services and 70% of your citizens don’t have any source of income. Just like an employee who curses their employer for not raising their salary, so shall we continue blaming colonialist and Americans for our problems! But this is very clear; we prepare gardens, don’t sow but carry big baskets expecting to harvest just because all the others are harvesting!

Can someone show me the way out of Uganda?

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