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Musisi fears for her life from angry people in Kampala after murders

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Kampala Capital City Authority executive director Jennifer Musisi has raised concerns over her safety and possible threats to her life.

Her concerns were communicated to the KCCA special authority meeting by Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago based on a telephone conversation between the two leaders of the city authority.

Lukwago told the meeting that he had been informed by Musisi, that she would not attend the session taking place today at City Hall yesterday over security issues.

KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi

Musisi later put the same concerns in writing indicating that there are ongoing concerns over her personal safety a result of which she has been advised to restrict her movements while her security is being reviewed.

The letter dated August 8, is addressed to the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Musisi delegated Moses Atwiine, the acting executive director of Kampala to lead the technical team in a meeting convened to discuss the controversy surrounding law enforcement in Kampala.

Atwiine similarly confirmed the fears adding that Musisi has been advised to address the issues until advised to contrary then she will be free to move around.

“She informed us that she had concerns about her security and indeed her security is under review so she has been advised to first address some of the those issues until she will be free to move around. This particular concern is not specific to this authority even in other engagements she has been constrained to attend as they review her security details”, Atwiine.

However, councillors wondered whether they are secure in the event that the executive director’s life is threatened. Nakawa councillor Kennedy Okello said the concern should not be taken lightly.

“It is not something we take lightly as an authority. The executive director ordinarily reports to this authority, now if we have a staff under us who feels insecure to engage with us, then we have a problem. I wouldn’t want to take this lightly”, Okello said.

Now only people with identity cards are allowed to access City Hall but even those with identifications are subjected to at least three security checks before accessing the council room.


0#1Lakwena 2017-08-10 14:22

These fat cats create their mortal enemies and expect Ugandans (taxpayers) to shield them.

Either they start becoming human, or else they should quit their dangerous, disproportionately high-pay jobs and leave town.

In other words, no sympathy. Just like Mr. M7 has taken permanent refuge in the safety of State House, because he is vulnerable to his 31-year+ multiple mortal enemies out there; the Jenny Musisis of this country, may have to become Life Director of KCCA, in order to remain alive.

It is unfortunate that: instead of monitoring law and order for all and sundry, the bulk of Uganda Police resources and personnel, are being reduced to escort & bodyguard the so call VIPs. That is all they do all day and night long.

If they are doing something else, they are shouting at poor citizens to stop complaining; as they are thrashed and shoved under the Patrol pickup trucks seats, like bales of used clothes (mivumba).


0#2Sande Zalu 2017-08-10 14:51

Wow! Ms. Musisi just realized that her personal security could be compromised?

This has been obvious even to a blind that you are walking on egg shells from day uno.

This is the trend, you hired by the regime to do their dirty work, you create enemies along the way, government gives you guards for personal protection, once you outlive your usefulness, the regime spits you out like garbage waste.

Outside the protective bubble, you’re vulnerable, powerless & despised by the masses.

Newbie betti kamya can’t move freely without men with guns guarding her & many others in similar situations.

What seem an opportunity for you Ms. Musisi has become a lifetime burden. Engoma eggeze.

0#3Modogoni 2017-08-10 15:24

Musisi, is your life worth sacrificing for the politics of Kampala?

When your intuition tells you something then go by it.

This is when I would resign and hope for greener pastures.

For as long as you’re doing someone else’s dirty bidding, it is you who will face the consequences.

0#4Dembula 2017-08-10 17:51

[quote name=”Lakwena”]These fat cats create their mortal enemies and expect Ugandans (taxpayers) to shield them.

Well said Lakwena.

As Chinua Achebe wrote “The man that brings ant-infested faggots into his hut should not grumble when lizards begin to pay him a visit.”

0#5WADADA rogers 2017-08-10 18:15

Musisi should stop fooling us, if there is a threat to her life more so if it is related to the occupation of her current office of ED KCCA, resign and go home
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