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MUSEVENI: works for his family, not Uganda

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We must all come together and change the government. This regime is not for the well being of its citizens. When Museveni said he was only working for his family and his political beliefs, he was NOT joking and an example is what happened during the age limit amendments where Museveni had no problems securing $11M in just weeks to get his political beliefs funded.

We have heard that the late Moses Sekiboggo, was a strong supporter of NRM and he was buried in a military uniform. What Moses did not realize was that his life would hung in a balance at Case Clinic where the Clinic demanded to pay 15M/= deposit before he could be treated. The elapsed time, could have made a difference between his life and death. If a super star in Uganda can be treated in such a way how about the ordinary citizen?

Anyone who believes that the situation will change for the better while Museveni is in power, wake up. Thousands of Ugandans have lost their lives on roads and Museveni has said nothing but promoting his lust for power at any cost. He has said that his police is infiltrated by crooks but he keeps Kayihorror as IGP.

We all witnessed the way Muhammad Kirumira was arrested breaking down his door as if he had killed someone or he was hiding terrorists in his house and no single MP or religious leaders that I know of condemned such police hooliganism. Tumukunde was seen castigating the police for using excessive force, firing bullets in air trying to arrest someone close to the minister. Tumukunde said that he was in the vicinity when he heard gunshots but when it came to arresting Kirumira he conveniently was not in the vicinity. Is this not sectarianism?

This is the same thing Museveni used to say when he was a defense minister after prominent Ugandans were gunned down and all a sudden Museveni showed up saying he was in the vicinity when he heard people wailing.

For those who think that they know Museveni better than JPAM should take a step back. The Entebbe Hospital that used to be a public hospital could not be accessed by Moses and yet he was an NRM supporter. Those that are ridding on the back of a tiger, one day you will end up in its stomach.

Nathan Span

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