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Museveni says he will not accept opposition in parliament – AGAIN

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The late Dr. Milton Obote said “Museveni only tells the truth by accident”.  This has come to pass and the opposition would be kidding themselves not to see the well planned destruction of the opposition parties in Uganda.

As you are all aware, UPC is dead.  The piglet of the Swine chose to sleep with the dog and hence could not avoid fleas hence that party is hasta la vista.

The DP party is currently in the process of being completely destroyed via the orchestrated machinations of one failed lawyer by the name of Norbert Mao (not Honourable, please spare us).  He is far too busy using State machinery to destroy any and all DP support in Buganda claiming it is tribalism and disobedience of Orders from Above it is rather pathetic.  Most of you should remember that Mao never fought when nearly a million or more of his Acholi tribe were being genocided in IDP camps in Northern Uganda because they were Anyanyas.  OH.. but he is not an anyanya.  His mother is part of the clic so let him take the DP party to the hell hole where it belongs. Nambooze (Hon.) is popular enough to wrestle DP out of Mao Traitor’s hands but if but it were not for the guns!

So this ongoing fight in DP must be taken as Mao having made a deal with the devil to turn over DP to the traitors, money hungry Baganda who by the way are currently in the process of handing over Buganda land to rif rafs from Rwanda, Somalia, Pakistan, India and China…FOOLS.  Why Baganda do not stand up for their own daughter is beyond me.  Were Bagisu to do this to me I would put a curse on them and let some more landslides come off Mount Masaba and wash their filthy greedy dirty hands into river Manafa, Tsutsu or Nalubale (I hope this one exists by the way).

Were Bagisu to have a predominantly Bugisu political party (hey, this is a good idea) and choose a Nyaru to tear my people’s party apart, I would put free WIFI all over Mbale, Bududa, Manafa and Bumasikye (maybe even Sironko but I need to think about this one a bit) and so put all the youth on free Speed dial to the Internet to mobilise and kick the foreigner out of our political party.  Damn!  Bugisu does not have a political party.  We are too busy ensuring no rag tag mafias come and steal our land the way Baganda have done. BY THE WAY how did that free WIFI in Kampala and Entebbe work out?  Suckers!

Back to Buganda.  How could you let your schools be demolished, your forests be given away, your lands be grabbed and now you let 17,000 families be evicted in Nakaseke and 280 families whose land was sold without their knowledge in Masaka?  THEN you wonder why you have Pangaliyas and Mitalimbos attacking your people in the depth of the night and killing you?  You wonder why Police does not do anything about it?  WHY should they?  You do not even care about your own people.  You are traitors to the average elder in Kayunga, the Kayunga Riot Youth who were murdered or incarcerated, the traders who were kicked off the Kampala streets and those whose merchandise was looted by the new breed of thieves called KCCA and SFC sijui CMI ISO ESO morons and traitors to the nation because we have always looked up to you as the biggest strongest tribe but ALAS!

Count for us how many current leaders did not attend schools in Buganda?  Count for us how many of them do not speak Luganda? Count for us how many do not use the hospitals in Buganda?  And how many of us grew up and are raising our children in Buganda?  So you give Buganda away while you send your children to ARABS as slaves for $2500 a piece and all is perfectly okay with you? We need to check into the original slave trade to see how many kings in Buganda participated in it.  Actually it is very likely that you were the biggest traders of slaves.  You had to be for your chiefs were apparently more powerful than the other ones.

Museveni will not have anyone in parliament as he said in May 2016 when swearing in saying “This 5fth term will be to destroy opposition.  There will be no opposition by 2021”.  He meant every word of it he sent a stupid Ateso to Kasese who slaughtered thousands. Some people can be gullible. If I were Elweru I would have fled into exile instead of taking those orders but oh dear lord, CDF was beckoning so here we go.  Then the other cousin of this murderer also ordered shoot to kill in Katakwi (his own people) because apparently Termites are more nutritious than Rice and Beans.

The country is a mess but sadly those who could stand up for it are much too greedy to even try.  So the DP we know is Mao preparing his own team when he becomes the president in 2021 but exactly why is FDC at loggerheads with each other?  This is a catastrophe.  FDC Die-hards are a disaster for the FDC party.  They know everything. They are intellectuals. They are geniuses. They listen to no one.  They hate Hon. John Amama Mbabazi with a passion.  They have never trusted Gen. David Sejusa.  They hate Gen. Mugisha Muntu with a passion and call him a Museveni spy.  I wish you could see how my ribs hurt every time I tell them they are wrong but oh well, apparently they wine and dine with the two generals and with JPAM who all three tell the FDC Die-hards the secrets of political maneuvering.  I have news for the FDC intellectuals. Go back to school or READ what I have written about the three gentleman plus your own Dr. Kizza Besigye.  A quick little paragraph on FBZero does not qualify as research in History or in Political Analytical History to be more precise.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Check out Daily Monitor’s article from May 9, 2017

I don’t want opposition in parliament, says President Museveni

In an effort to secure another parliamentary seat in Busoga sub-region, President Museveni has again hit the campaign trail, this time expressing his dislike against people he believes will stand in

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