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Museveni gives MPs Sh.800M to ammend constitution

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By Nathan Span



Dictator Museveni has decided to give each member of parliament 800M/= to amend the constitution. This is too much money for Najemba to reject. Most MPs are planning not to stand after their term and most are planning to use the money to buy properties outside Uganda.

Museveni and his bandits are still worried about the people powering into the streets and still planning how to prevent such street protests. We need to come out in droves and this information has come from the highest sources  of the government that cannot be revealed. Museveni is planning to neutralize Baganda and make them useless and that is why he is pushing for the land bill and that is why almost all refugees are settled in Buganda. We need to demand each citizen to be given 200M/= to stop us from us from pouring into the streets. Either you are with us or with the MPigs. This is NO JOKE, Baganda and Acholis are on Museveni’s chipping block. Anite who is a Kakwa for now she feels safe. Baganda MPs I swear under my grave your family will pay heavily.

MUSEVENI IS SCARED OF PEOPLE POURING INTO THE STREETS THUS GIVING HIM A BAD IMAGE INTERNATIONALLY. Baganda wake up. Buganda is not going to fight for your land.? The Kabaka’s hands are tied for he has been friendly to Museveni for a long time and now it may be too late for him to ask Baganda to defend their land.  Museveni brought Rwandese and gave them very well in salaries and some of them with no education.

Now they have too much money and Museveni wants to stay in power and accomplish his political beliefs and again take this very very seriously. Our nation has been sold to the highest bidder in Parliament.  Its up to us to fight for what is left.

We should go after MPs family members as we have no any other recourse. On Tuesday drop what you’re doing, No schools, no work all lets go and collect our money from parliament. Tuesday is pay day. The war has just begun.

Sad Sad indeed.

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