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Museveni gets taste of own medicine and it is bitter

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Museveni is now tasting his own medicine after his UPF being infiltrated by so called bad elements. Museveni knows the dangers of infiltrating government security organs. He recruited many of his people into Amin’s secret services that caused lots of problems for Amin’s regime and eventually led to Amin’s departure. We are witnessing events unfolding before our eyes but most importantly is that, dictator Museveni himself is complaining about his police force being infiltrated by bad elements.

We appeal to those that have infiltrated the security organs to use caution NOT to kill the public as our enemy is the regime. We can also rent police uniforms from the real policemen in order to carry out our mission effectively. For those that have acquired such uniforms use due diligence not to attack the public. Our enemy is the government and those that support the regime that are very well known.

Museveni and Kabila are responsible for the attack on UN soldiers where rocket launchers and hand propelled grenades were used in the attack. ADF has no capability to carry out such an attack on a well armed and trained UN forces that defeated M23. UN force in DRC was given a mandate to follow the attackers to where they came from. The attack lasted more than four hours and there’s no way ADF can survive four hours of bombardment.

Its good news that MONUSCO has decided to carry out such investigations to expose the real Museveni.

Lastly since the police and other security personnel are less paid, you can make extra money by renting out your uniforms and guns to enable us to force the regime out.  An invisible enemy is most dangerous.

Nathan Span

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