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Muntu loss to POA wake up call for all opposition

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By Nathan Span


We call upon all other regions to stand up and get involved in the politics of our nation especially the central region. Stand up and be counted. Central region has been pushed aside in the politics of Uganda since 1962 by force not by ballots. Buganda and Eastern regions have been dormant in politics and it should change. Those in power for the last three decades cannot develop anything but tribalism and stealing of national properties and Sam Kutesa has confirmed that NRM is a party of thieves.

Central region and Eastern regions have stood by hoping for a miracle to happen and the sour truth is that its time to fight for our nation’s destiny. Two regions have taken the mantle of power in our nation’s history and the outcomes have been chaos, poverty, joblessness, torture, corruption, lawlessness, tribalism, sectarianism, nepotism and much more.

Many people especially from NRM have used the word Tribalism at every opportunity to scare off other regions from contesting for power specifically people from the central region and Eastern regions. This should not prevent us from fighting to put our nation back on track for development and away from thieves.

The pain that has stricken NRM emanating from Mugisha Muntu not winning the FDC elections must be taken very seriously by other regions. NRM supporters now believe that power belongs to the Western part of the country and specifically those with Rwanda’s family background. If you don’t have a Rwandese historically connection, then you’re not fit to be president. We have seen the way they have treated KB, JPAM, Sejusa etc who do not have a Rwandese connection and the way NRM supporters have reacted to Muntu’s loss.

Labeling Span as a tribalist individual for speaking out the truth will not deter me in fighting for the well being of our nation. Most NRM supporters are the most tribalist Ugandans ever grabbed power and this comes from the top. These people have no idea what developing a nation is all about and we have heard them say that Museveni brought them from very far and this must be a concern to those that are interested in developing the country not interested in retaining power.

Mugisha Muntu must understand that in a democracy where the political ground is leveled, one loses and one is declared the victor. Expecting to win elections by NRM standards is detrimental to democracy. Muntu has not complained of electoral malpractice and why is he bitter that he lost? This should be a concern to the rest of Uganda that if we don’t stand up as one, political power in Uganda is going to be ring fenced to one group of people with a Rwandese historical background.



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