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Meet the man behind Peril of Africa online news site for Uganda

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Since 2013, I have watched Uganda media lie to Ugandans.  I have watched them spin stories.  I have watched them become apologists for the Uganda regime killing of people, brutality by police, army, land evictions, tear gas and then Kasese happened.

I have watched UCC (Uganda Communication Criminals) gag media.  I have been also silenced and the news site I used to write for was taken over by the regime after I told the world that my tribe mates in Kasese had just been slaughtered.  That site ends with UG which means that the Uganda government controls it.

I watched UPDF, UPF kill and kill each other.  I also watched high profile people die with no investigations which could bring the killers to face justice nor the ones in government who helped to commit murder.

I watched markets get burned down.  I watched the story of Eliza Obonyo and her parents and sister die in a fake accident.  Eliza and I were classmates from S1 to S6 at St. Mary’s Namagunga which some of you think is a great school.

I watched the Makindye Court house under siege with some unemployed youth protesting that no one had the right to call Kayihorror to explain the violence and death by police.  AND by the way to this day, Kale Kayihura has never gone to court because the Magistrate Masaba died mysteriously.

I watched Gen. Sejusa being arrested and put in a Kangaroo court with many appeals to the high court and finally when Gen. Levi Karuhanga die after ruling for Gen. Sejusa to be released.

I have watched you all.  I have written over 10,000 articles about Uganda in 3 yrs and I am still writing. Because my people deserve the truth.

When street vendors were kicked off Kampala roads, your voices were not loud enough.

When markets were burned down and vendors evicted, you did not scream.

When thousands of families were evicted off their lands and forced into IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps, you did not tell the world.

When the IVOR Tower was closed down you did not protest.

When Dr. Kizza Besigye was taken off the plane like a terrorist, you said nothing to the world or dared to tell the world about the rampant human rights abuses in Uganda.

When water was shut off and nearly 100 people died at Mulago hospital, you went about your business.

When prayers were banned, you did not appeal to the world to tell our dictator that banning prayers was gonna bring a calamity to Uganda.

When Karamojong die daily, I do not see your write up of the hunger which kills Karamoja or the antibiotic resistant TB.

When Isingiro had 3 dead with their cows, you jumped all over it.

Busoga is full of jiggers which kill daily but do you dare touch Busoga and specifically Kamuli?

Then you promote and tell the world that Uganda needs money to feed the refugees by your self inflicted wounds since your dictator has a passion for invading neighbouring countries so that he can get refugees and then get money per head.

Why do your news sites promote slavery of our youth graduates to the Arabs and yet you never publish the stories when some sex slaves are murdered and we need to repatriate the bodies?

Why are you silent on drug trafficking when you know very well that the 87% unemployment entices our kids to look for opportunity and then their luggage is lined with cocaine and they are the ones who die for it?

Then on Term Limits, of course you did not talk because it served your interests and sadly now you are all living in fear because you know damn well that you are next.

Will you then tell the world about Presidency for life?  Non, I did not think so because you also did not tell the world the truth on the Kayunga Riots and the kids who were closed.

The MAN behind is Martha Leah Nangalama, Bududa, Uganda.

I come with 22+ years of solid Information Technology work, 10yrs of solid experience with Social Media and nebilala nebilala.  Welcome to your new reality.  While you rely on the regime to pay your expenses, I do not.

All of Uganda’s suffering will be told to the world.  Make no mistake about it.  Most of my work is automated and team is also solid.

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