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Makerere to only offer Masters and PhD programs

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Before you read the story which follows by SPAN, you need to know that Makerere University (The Ivory Tower) used to be the Harvard of Africa.  At one time ranked as the best University in Africa.

But some of you remember that in 2016 after First Lady Janet Museveni (whom Dr. Stella Nyanzi called totally unqualified) became Uganda’s Minister of Education and Sports, she shut down Makerere University.  This is the original only Public University in Uganda before Kyambogo University was allowed to award degrees.  Actually, Kyambogo trains better students than Makerere because Kyambogo started as a Politechnic and carried their PRACTICAL way of training into their University.

Meanwhile, Makerere kept getting undermined.  You can now look at graduates from both Universities and the ones from Kyambogo are super while the ones from Makerere pay Sex for Grades, Professors rape students and it has pretty well become for the regime to do with as it wishes.

Uganda has far too many universities now (private ones) which multiply stupidity.  Their teaching only gives kids degrees which get them jobs as slaves to ARAB countries.

When you want to destroy a nation, you must destroy education and dumb the current and future generations.  The kids cannot read or write and now Makerere will be forced to offer only Graduate studies.  This will force all kids to go to private universities for Under Grad so that some fat pigs can earn since most all private Universities are held by people in the regime or close to the regime.

AND if you think that the private universities will provide good education, think again because the Labour export agencies are also owned by regime and cohorts.  Welcome to your future!

ON the other hand, you all have the option of sending your kids abroad.  Why complain about not having bread when you can eat CAKE!

I still think that Parents and elders can do a lot to help their kids.  READ.  READ to them.  Make them READ.  READ LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON READING.  Because it does.  MLN



Now that the dust has settled and the life presidency is the law of the land, its time to screw Ugandans big time. Museveni doesn’t need anyone to stand in his way and now he can do as he wishes.

Janet Museveni the education minister and fast lady in doing business has just came up with an idea that would make them own Uganda completely. Very brilliant idea and Uganda tax payers get ready.

Janet has authorized Makerere University to become the only graduate university in Uganda. This will eliminate competition and all those under graduate students can now join Kampala International University (KIU) owned by the Museveni family.

In order to make it look like it was someone else’s idea, a Committee was reconstituted under the table to look into Makerere University why students always demonstrate and in order to eliminate that headache for Museveni once and for all, boom let Makerere have less students. The committee recommended to eliminate under graduate majors which would cut the total number of students down thus eliminating demonstrations altogether.

By doing so, all those undergraduate students now would have no choice but to apply to universities mainly owned by Museveni and his friends. The government, would still pay fees for those students who have done well from S6, but this money will mainly go to KIU.

With the help of NRM mps eliminating age limits from the constitution, and Rebacca Kadaga dancing her way into the night for a job well done selling her country, now its business big time for the Museveni family.

As I explained earlier, Museveni doesn’t need your vote to be president for life. His supporters plus millions of refugees and other foreigners are enough to keep him in state house. From previous fake elections, we can estimate that Museveni needs roughly 500,000 votes to claim victory and last year alone, 2 million South Sudans and 1.5 million Congolese, crossed into Uganda, and you do the math.

Nathan Span

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