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Letter to US ambassador to Uganda re: #AgeLimit

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July 29th, 2017

The Honorable Ms. Deborah Malac

Ambassador of USA

US Embassy Kampala

Ggaba Road

Kampala Uganda


Dear Honorable Ambassador

My name is Nathan Span.  I am a Uganda-American citizen currently living in Boston Massachusetts. Like many concerned citizens of Uganda, I am writing to express my disappointment in the way the government of the United States and other donor partners have kept supporting the regime of President Yoweri Museveni, given its Human Rights Records that stands out as a sore thumb.

Honorable ambassador the government of Uganda is preparing to amend the constitution of Uganda to remove age limits the last safety valve left, to allow president Museveni rule Uganda for life. United States of America has been s champion in advocating for human rights and democracy but when it comes to Africa specifically Uganda, the United States of America has always stood with the oppressor instead of the oppressed.

The silence that is coming from our development partners regarding the constitutional amendments in Uganda is deafening. US law makers are getting ready to put more sanctions on the government of Venezuela if it elects a legislative body that creates dictatorship. Is this not a double standard when it comes to Uganda?

Recently the government of Uganda carried out a massacre in Kasese where women and children were butchered and our developmental partners looked the other way.  In 2016, a US Human Rights Report from the State Department issued a scathing indictment of president Museveni’s Human Rights records.

Honorable Ambassador, your government criticized the way Museveni’s government conducted the 2016 elections saying that the elections fell short of international standards and were marred by allegations of disenfranchisement and voter intimidation, harassment of the opposition, closure of social media websites and lack of transparency and independence in the Electoral Commission. The State Department specifically mentioned three serious human rights problems in the country which included lack of respect for individual integrity, unlawful killings, torture, arbitrary detention, and other abuse of suspects and detainees.

Recently a supporter of Honorable Kyagulanyi one Patrick Sande Byamukama had his testicles crashed by the police and according to his lawyer Mr. Ladislaus Rwakafuzi has taken the government of Uganda to court, for torturing his client.

Honorable Ambassador you gave Ugandans hope when your team did the right thing when you stood up and walked out during Museveni’s inauguration in May 2016 and many Ugandans felt that for once you’re on their side but only to be left wondering. Uganda-Americans in continental US are taking this opportunity to ask you to stand with the people of Uganda in condemning the proposed constitutional amendments to lift age limit. Uganda has never seen a peaceful transfer of power since its independence in 1962. As Ugandans are unable to come to the embassy and present their grievances, we have decided to do so in this letter.

We have started collecting signatures in the United States to be presented to the US congress in order to bring awareness to the American people concerning the pending life presidency in Uganda.


Nathan Span.

Federalist Alliance for Democracy and Development in Uganda (FADDU)

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