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Let’s talk about Sex part 1

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Let’s talk about Sex part 1

As you lay me down…Brooks Horgan, melodious song fades in the background, I hear a knock on my door.

I rush to the door and open it. I can not believe what my eyes are seeing. It is Shantel! Wow!

I couldn’t resist but allow her in without any hesitation. As we greet and sit in the couch together, I can’t help but compliment the way she smells, her perfume, the fragrance of her hair and her blue Cinderella dress

Shantel has a flirtatious body shape and anything on her is like for a goddess! She notices that I’m staring at her lips and her boob cleavage but what would melt me more was the way she giggles when she notices this.

Before this day, I had hoped for such a moment to surface, I had fantasized how I would hug Shantel, embrace her and whisper in her ears how much I love her.. I’d definitely assure her that I’d do anything for her only if she let me be her special man.

Fast forward the moment is here and only witchcraft(if it exists) would deny me a golden chance of once in a life time.

Should I offer you coffee? I ask, Shantel responds in affirmative. And as we sip our coffee being a cold but easy Sunday morning she asks if I could do her a favor. Mention it, I tell her.

Just as she was about to ask, my cousin called me to let me know of how Shantel has been asking him about me.
The conversation lasted 5minutes and as I write this, Shantel has left but returns later and we finish this

I’ll complete the story when she returns.


I could hear the clock chiming in the background as I reapplied lipstick for the fifth time that morning. I couldn’t settle on a shade of lipstick to wear and much less let get rif of the rumbling coming fr the pit of my stomach. Is this what love is? Is this lust or do I have a ludicrous crush on Pius.

For the past months I have been lying in my bed and concocting different happy ending stories. Stories of us skiing in Greece, kissing under the moonlight in St. Tropez, dancing in the vibrant streets in Marrakesh and so many others.

Pius has been tenaciously visiting my dreams and so help me God if I don’t at least kiss his luscious lips I will lose my mind.

A kiss, just one kiss is what I want and I will get it.

Firstly allow me tell you a little bit about Pius. The man isn’t good looking and yet he is attractive. He has a certain odd twitch beside his mouth that I find enthralling. His face makes you think God was in a hurry to get done with him and yet it is intoxicating and erotically catastrophic. His eyes have a hallucinogenic depth that leaves me yearning for breath and calling onto the universe for help. I want to run away from him and yet here I am. I may get burned but that is exactly what makes me thrilled.

I finally after on a deep red shade of lipstick and decide to walk to his door. As I near his house j could hear the melodic sounds of Brooks Hogan blaring through his sound system. Hmmm, that puts a smile on my face. My nerves started urging me to turn and leave but I had already knocked on his door and so I waited. Two minutes felt like an eternity.

He came to the door and my cheat clenched when I saw a genuine smile slowly spread on his face. I think he could hear my heart beating so furiously.
Darn! Why do I have to react that way? “Come down Shantel, he is just a man” says my sensible inner voice.
“Noooooo, he is not just a man, he is the man dummy” yells my stupid voice.

He leads me to his living room and offers me coffee. Of course I said yes. I hate coffee but I will sip anything just to sit from across this man and listen to his addictive rough lyrical voice.

We sat there staring at each other for what seemed like a lifetime as we got lost in each other’s eyes.
“I have to ask him for that kiss now other wise I will not be able to do it another time” I thought to myself.

“Pius, can I ask you for a favour” I heard my weak voice ask.

“Yes, of course. Anything for you.” He says.

This is it, this is it Shantel. The hairs on my neck excitedly stood in anticipation to his promise.

Just as I was about to open my mouth, his donkey of a cousin who is also my friend walks in.

Urrrrrrgggh what an idiot! I thought but my smile never left my face.


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