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Let’s Talk about Love part

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By Pius Woniala


The scent of Victoria’s secret sexy little things perfume still lingers in my couch reminding me every bit about Shantel since it is her perfume. We had spent most half of the day last Sunday in this couch chatting and cuddling together.

Since she left, I have been having sweet dreams, thinking a lot of things, fantasizing about our love, our first romance, how I will propose to her, intended wedding, our honeymoon on the seaside and even thinking of the name of our first born. I can’t wait to see Shantel and tell her about which name our firstborn will be!

Prepared as I am, I have two issues to deal with because they are growing into a destruction not realising that I’m indestructible!

Firstly, it is my cousin O’B, who has been having a belly ache upon realisation that I and Shantel are progressing so well. Our romance seems to be taking right strides everyday. It is almost perfect love! I’m in delirium!

I seat O’B (my cousin) across and share with him about how he should set aside his selfish interest and instead let the two hearts matched from heaven love each other.
After strong persuasion, O’B finally obliges to let go but cautions me not let Shantel’s heart break. I give him assurance that my body, mind and soul can’t allow Shantel’s heart break

🎶🎶Goodbye Michelle my trusted friend, we’ve known each other since we were nine and ten🎶🎶…..these lyrics are playing (Seasons by West life), and it reminds me of someone, that’s; Sharon because it was her favorite song way back in time when we played hide and seek on the mountain cave during a holiday in my village in Mbale

Sharon is Shantel’s sister who happens to be my ex lover. This girl by all measures is elegantly beautiful, intelligent and exquisitely endowed with curves that make royals envious. Her eyes sparkle with innocence and her teeth are as white as snow! She’s chocolate complexion and she likes to keep her hair at one inch, this in itself is charmingly attractive, seductive and makes her irresistible to even William Levy, Salvador and Beckham.

I can vividly remember the good times last summer at the beach, where she was the envy of every girl and coveted by every guy.
I even remember the steps of high heeled shoes on the floor of Serena hotel where we had our first date.

Tears fill my eyes whenever I think of Sharon.. I’m thinking of her now because I have to let Shantel know about my past since she’s definitely going to be a strong obstacle to reaching our ultimate romance

Sharon was good but truthfully we were incompatible. We would argue over almost everything and we decided to end it and the relationship died a natural death. I’d never let it resurrect even for a second and more so that I’m with my empress whom I find so relaxing, so empathetic, so intelligent besides other physical endowments having a lot in common and things seem to flow with fluidity.

11:59 O’Clock and the heartbeat increases, I’m growing more tense and anxious because this is the time. Shantel is to come home.
I’ve set everything and I can’t wait any longer.

What Shantel doesn’t know is that I’m a good guitarist and I’ve written for her a song because this girl and music are just made for each other having asked me to surprise her, this will have a touch of magic.

This is the day, and this is the hour for me and Shantel to start our expeditious journey of a love so natural, so true.
At this moment, I hear a knock on the door and I rush to open..


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