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KENYA: Discard after use – Miguna warns Matiang’i about super ministers

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The following is supposedly a letter by Mr. Miguna Miguna.  It has been circulating on Social Media but could have been written by someone in the NASA camp. Certainly, the writing style is as fiery as previous communications from this gentleman and time will tell if he is the one who authored it.


Dear Matiang’i,

There was once a man called Tom Mboya, he once lived in Kenya probably earlier than you . He served Uhuru Kenyatta’s father with his all his life. Like you he was used to deal with Jaramogi. I am sure it will interest you to know who shot him in broad day light. It is also good for you to know that your colleagues in the cabinet call you ‘super minister’ like they called Tom Mboya. To help you, let me tell you the truth; that’s a sign of jealousy, they loath you.

I do not want to bore you with a lot of reading; but another example will be good; Robert Ouko served Moi with dedication and was also referred to as a ‘super minister’ –  like you he never realized he was an outsider being used! Find out who was blamed for his murder, that is if you still do not know. The same Moi regime also elevated another Luo internal security PS to a near God status, he could land a chopper on a highway for hours as he had breakfast at his home as motorists wait. It will be interesting for you to know how he died and who attended his funeral and who did not.

Mr Matiang’i, before you also was saitoti,michuki,nkaisery and ojode. Can you trace them now? Right now you are the only Minister I know who can deny a person his constitutional right, a right expressly given by the constitution. It looks like you are now powerful enough to deny Kenyans any of their constitutional rights. May be you will soon revoke our birth certificate and deport us to our mothers womb. Oh the great powerful, ‘super minister’.

Dear your greatness , these people are using you to kill your own people, your own tribe. History will be too harsh on you . I advice you to read the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. Mr Matiangi know that the government eats its own people. After they are done with you. You will book the next flight to heaven.  come down from the ivory towers.

Yours faithfully,

Miguna Miguna.

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