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Kaweesi was not only police officer to be assassinated

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This post is extracted from a Dairy of a Hitman within police forces ordered to kill Senior Police Officers.

In 2013 General Kayihura convened a meeting of a police Unit which was to do special operations for the “State”.  There were other Units within police doing the same.  One was commanded by Kaweesi, another by Nickson and another one was commanded by ASP Tumuharwe Fred.  Our unit had members from all other Units and we did joint operations. Nickson‘s Unit handled high profile targets and cashflow, Kaweesi’s unit handled cleanups where we went wrong in execution and our unit handled high dealings. General Kayihura would give instructions to every unit separately and could at times order us not to share information even when operations were not connected.

The meeting

The meeting was attended by Commander ASP Tumuharwe Fred, Kato Patrick, Atekateka Wilson, myself and others. The General informed us that he had orders from the President to eliminate Senior police officers who work for the Opposition. The list of officers included AIGP Grace Turyagumanawe, AIGP Fred Yiga, SCP Nuwabine Lawrence and Bagirana Geoffrey.

Our orders were to monitor their movements day and night, report back with all information gathered, who they meet, talk to, phone records, girlfriends etc.  We reported back after a month. Our findings were that Grace and Fred had ordinary lives and met with no opposition person during that one month. They seemed clean from allegations but our work was to compile reports, we however noted that they had contact with other big names making them powerful.

For Nuwabine, we found that he indeed had connections with FDC but never the less, our report was not the basis of the decision but only to establish a plan to assassinate them as ordered since we were told a decision had already been made.

After the second meeting, our team was joined by three other people who were former armed robbers.  We were then told that the plan was to make this look like the work of ADF and that the killings should take place at the same time in the morning as all these officers head to work. Having already monitored their movements we knew which spots to take them down from. We then left and started our second phase of monitoring which was supposed to take one week. We then received a stand down order from General Kayihura through ASP Tumuhairwe Fred.

The reason for stand down was never given to us but another assignment was given to us and we performed that instead.

To those officers highlighted, they must be very careful these orders may not have been from the President but within police ranks being that they are next in line to the position of IGP. It should be remembered that these assassinations were going to take place before the reappointment of the IGP and Kaweesi’s assassination took place before the reappointment of the IGP so……….


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