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Justice must never be exclusive – Trump MuslimBan

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In January 2017 (could have been February 2017) right after the USA President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning Muslims from travelling to America, I wrote a few stories.  You can find them on my blog.

What I remember vividly was saying that if you give a bully one foot, they will move a mile.  If you allowed people to be banned from 7 Muslim countries, none of whose citizens were involved in the 911 attack, the worst was yet to come.

I wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canada) and said we must stand with Mexico because of NAFTA and the fact that we are all immigrants.

What I said should have been taken seriously because what ensured was banning laptops on planes, rounding up immigrants in USA, deporting people, banning even medical doctors to travel to USA nebilala nebilala.

It was shocking that Silicon Valley retained their silence for I knew that place is crawling with immigrants and their tech work would be affected.  It is affected now.  People like Musk should have spoken up very loudly.

Trump proceeded to trash #ClimateChange and walk USA out of the Paris accord.  He proceeded to take USA out of TPP.  He threatened to kill NAFTA and now you should see how they are renegotiating NAFTA.

He proceeded to kill ObamaCare (Affordable Health Act) which for sure has some weaknesses but thank heaven his own party defeated the kill.

He insists on building his wall to keep Mexicans out of USA and we will see how that sand wall works out since it is either his wall or government will be shut down.

All this time, Trump has lost some key people in his administration but I suppose no one knows how bullies work.  You must stop the bully at the first sign of it or they will walk all over you and laugh in your face.

Apparently now all the nearly 1 million kids born of immigrants are to be kicked out of USA.  Why did Academia not speak up?  Did you think you were immune to immigrant ban or racism or discrimination?  Now you are speaking up because you will lose some of your best professors, researchers and A straight students?  Never even think of the brain drain.

You let this happen.  You should have spoken up immediately after the first executive order.  AND where were your voices when the KKK Nazi sijui white supremacists were celebrating the Trump win and now shoving it in our faces?

Justice cannot be exclusive and must never be.

In 2013 and 2014, I stood up and spoke very loudly that Uganda’s kill the gays bill was an assault on the human rights of LGBTI people.  I also said that if you sanction persecution of another or a minority group, you must remember Martin Noemuller’s poem (first they came for the Jews…then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me).  When you sign a death sentence for another, you give permission to the State to kill you too.

The most vocal people about stoning Ugandan gays to death are now hunted like animals.  I have no idea how many Muslim clerics have been gunned down in Uganda and I feel no pitty, none whatsover.

Lately, Uganda government is killing women daily.  Are these women enemies?  Non.  But we had gone ahead and told our government that killing was okay.  AND so you too shall be killed in one way or another.

You make a very big mistake not to stand up for the smallest of us.  You are not free until everyone is free.  You will never be wealthy till everyone has basic necessities.  You will never get enough to eat till everyone is fed.  You will never be educated enough until you lift everyone out of illiteracy.  You will never know peace until the entire world stops fighting and you stop making a living out of selling ammunition.

We are in this together.  It is a small planet and Mother Nature is really pissed off we should get her mobile number and give her a call to spare us from her fury!

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Born and raised in Uganda, the country which just bought a porn detector machine but has no medicine or food for the people.  DAMN!  We should have asked Netanyahu to fund all our hospitals before accepting the 1400 rejected refugees he just sent to Uganda.

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