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Judas of Africa

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By Denis Anthony Otika


Oh you knew us all
You traded us for a coin
You conned us all
You sold us for a horse.
You flipped us like a book
For the whites to read
And trade away.

Our brother’s land in dread
Where only leopards thread
To survive the tedious quest.
Tell me!
Tell me if Iscariot isn’t better than your shameless face…
Tell me if your forefathers didn’t fight for this race.
But you treat us with opiate drugs
You beat us with your sonorous gong
We were treated like scum bags
Clothed in royalty rags.
The day isn’t bright
For we know one of us have left
During the night
By your heartless knights.
Tell me…
Can the tears of the Blacks flow freely?
Can the black sheep sleep without mares of your thumping feet?
You chained mammals like animals
You brought back memories of ages.
Remember this;
The ravens will feed on your flesh
For you broke African alliance pledge
You betrayed the disciples of Africa.
Oh Judas of Africa
The 30 silver will be your coffin
And your neck will be thrown in a corner…
You will therefore be a lost hyena
Oh Judas of Africa

Son of the Soil (SoS)

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