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Journey to Museveni life presidency

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The military tear gassed and shot rubber bullets to Makerere students.

Demonstrators were tear gassed and Edison Nasasira who was born the year the constitution was created died.

Police raided offices of civil society organizations.

Lord Mayor was arrested while addressing journalists as police officers grabbed and squeezed his genitals.

Dr. Kiiza Besigye and Ingrid as well as others were jailed and Ingrid was accused of stealing her own goat. How did she do that?

Parliament was invaded by SFC and beat up members of parliament two MPs received life threatening injuries.

SFC invade parliament the second time but this time they peed and trashed the Catholic chapel in parliament.

Opposition MPs were arrested for consulting their constituencies and tear gassed and other MPs were not allowed to go to other constituencies to campaign against the amendments.

Tamale Mirundi got a hammer and ready to hammer those TOGIKWATAKO crusaders.

The wall was not lucky either as Abiriga pulled out his short barrel pistol and peed on it and the court fined him the equivalent of $2.50

Anite proclaimed to own UPDF and SFC.

Military threatened to arrest Ugandans across the country if they demonstrated against the amendments.

On September 27, opposition MP including a few brave NRM MPs publicly made an awesome act of defiance by rejecting the amendments. Fights and screams filled parliament, chairs went airborne, mic stands were swung, punches were exchanged, the cowards MPs supporting the bribery Money not actually supporting the amendments jumped on the tables, and opposition MPs were staffed in a police death squad car and some were injected with yellow solution on their way to jail.

Speaker Kadaga had no idea what to do, she shouted you’re suspended again and again you hear me you’re suspended.

A 17 year old girl from Mbale died of her injuries when a tear gas canister exploded on her body.

All NRM MPs were under curfew not to leave the country or leave Kampala.

Hon. Kyagulanyi was put on an economical embargo not to perform his concerts no matter what.

Police outlawed red color in the country except the one in the national flag.

Those who wore red to watch a soccer match at Nambole stadium were told to leave their red bandannas out or else tear gas was ready.

Kadaga wrote a stupid letter to Museveni to explain why SFC terrorists were allowed inside parliament, Museveni ignored the letter.

Moses Ali (80 years old) demanded more money and two more years to make it seven years, Museveni said those who ask shall be given and there came seven years.

Kadaga and Ssekandi showed off their 1967 moves on the floor in State House, and when the dust settled down, Kadaga asked can we all get along?

Mama Mabira had to vote twice and in defending her unusual vote, she started speaking English backwards that nobody could figure out what she was talking about.

Two people have died defending the constitution against Museveni who swore to protect the constitution but according to him that was then and the amendments must be forced through.

For the first time in our country a member of parliament is responsible for the death of two young Ugandans and this is a shocker because only always presidents kill people but never an MP being held responsible for the death of a fellow citizen.

A whopping $11M was spent on Museveni to make him a life president but Amin spent zero money declaring himself life president and he was not educated but he figured out not to waste taxpayers money on something he wanted.

This was not an amendment but a COUP D’ETAT.

Nathan Span

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