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Jingle all the Way; December is Here

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Jingle all the Way; December is Here

The month of December is finally here. This month has become one of the months I detest and never look forward to.

As I sail through October then land into November, I normally say a small prayer to myself hoping that we can skip it and land into February or March.

It may be due to the festivities and the nagging sound of jingle bells wherever I pass.

If it finds you in Kampala, you may think that Buganda has finally been granted federal and Kabaka Mutebi has ordered all non Baganda to vacate Buganda within 12 hours.

It is a good month when people cheat one another all in the name of celebrating their God’s birth.

A clothes dealer hikes prices to make a killing. He then ends up paying four times on transport to his home in Arua or Kapelebyong.
Cattle dealers raise prices of their cattle then buy meat from a butchery that has equally hiked the price of beef. Then the butcherman celebrates his kill from a bar where the prices of beer will have been raised. The bartender will also spend his profit at Namboole overnight prayers, disco or pay highly to watch his favorite artist performing at Freedom City.

As all this madness goes on, the headmaster is quiet.

We then head into a the longest month of the year, January.

The last time I checked January had around 40 days and 20 nights. This month is characterised by the hot sun, dry pockets, school fees demands and missing periods for the teenage girls who were not very cautious.

It is in January when we finally check the circulars for our school going children and realize that before all the Christmas frenzy, the headmaster had thought ahead and raised the school fees in November. We therefore carry all our loot and take it to the headmaster.

You can never be smarter than your teacher.

The only thing that brings a smile to our faces is that Arsenal starts its winning streak in December when they are well sure that the title chase is out of reach. So that when the season ends, like a Kiprotich of 2011 finishing in third or second, all Arsenal fans will shout “Wenger for life, next season is ours”

Arsenal fans, when is next season?

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