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It is either proper English or another language spelled out

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When you have access to social media and that kachupuli in your hand, it does not mean that everyone you run into understands such things as “tsup dia” or “u, miss u bae”.

Ugandans accept too much mediocrity to the point where we think that bad writing is normal.  Our acceptance of horrible writing even allows big media houses to put on their front page “Pubic servants interviews”  Or even worse “nurses are asking govt to provide more Psyiastrists”.

The Pubic was run by New Vision which is the Uganda government news paper.

The other one was run by OBSERVER (an independent news paper) but it was written by URN (Uganda Radio Network).

We also saw Daily Monitor publish a story of how Uganda fish would be banned from exports for containing mercury and that piece pegged the fish at $0.007 per kilo.  Which is technically impossible.  I contacted Monitor and the writer of that piece to reprice and naturally no one replied.  I am sure it is because we accept mediocrity and Monitor / author did not pay attention to my complaint and of course had no idea about my past ownership of a fish export company.

Back to the awful writing coming out of Uganda.  So many brilliant kids are getting degrees in Journalism or Mass Media and they cannot even write one paragraph with no errors.  They do not even try because the editors also write badly.  How on earth can you say “its his fault for her wife”.  I then asked sometimes, “Is It His Fault and was it His Wife?”  Mediocrity allows you to get away with confusing things.

In 2015, Uganda lost out on some UGX 257 billion for grants for Climate Change.  The reason which was given was “the proposals were so badly written it was hard to tell what they wanted the money for”.

When you grow up in a country that accepts mediocre writing, you pay a price.  Exactly why do you say “hey U” instead of “hello you?”.

In 2014, I reviewed an application that a great young man had submitted for a job.  Everything looked great till I found one paragraph where he was supposed to explain why the company should hire him. “Coz am smart n will do gud 4 yor company”.  I was floored.  Can you imagine that what you write on FBzero or FBlight becomes a habit which then transcends into real life?

For this reason, everyone who inboxes me or comments on my posts or posts in broken English, I will block you.  I will unfriend you.  I will ensure that only people who write proper English remain my friends.  I will not miss you by the way since Uganda is not my source of income.  For far too long, you have accepted mediocrity and horrible writing.  Surely I must rise above this nonsense of U when you could say YOU.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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