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Is It Relevant, What They Are Teaching Us?

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The conversation was along certain lines but soon descended into funny stuff. It was about the weather that has been quite hot for January and now taking us into February.

“This weather is not fair for us the married, you reach sleep time and don’t wish to share a bed with anyone. One of these days I should start sleeping in the couch.”

My mind quickly took me back to Mr Malinga’s Economics class at Lords Meade where he taught us about the positive checks and preventive checks that help in controlling the population, a thesis written by Dr Robert Thomas Malthus. At the back of my mind I was thinking that circumstances such as the month of January and February should be added to the “positive” checks which according to Malthus are forces of nature and politics such as wars and famines.

If these two months are making it difficult for partners to mate and possibly make more babies, there is no reason why the factor should be left out in the study. I now get to know why many children are born in August and September. It seems that people utilize December knowing what lies ahead of them in January and her sibling February.

But then the mind also drew me back to the stuff that we study in class trying to explain the world and how it works. A theory like one of Malthus is a respectable one but this is a thesis that was carried out in the late 1790s but they are still pumping it in us as if it were gospel truth. That is why studying in Uganda is something very challenging. You spend 16 years studying vague stuff then after the graduation you have to hit the streets to discover the reality.

It also reminds me about yesterday at my office. I had a lively chat with an internee who is under my supervision and I asked him to read the January financials and then generate the performance ratios such as the liquidity ratios, Operating Self Sufficiency, return on assets and the like. I knew what an insurmountable task I had given him. It is the same blues that I faced just after spending 2 good years in a business college and missing a first class by 0.1.

Worse still, even professional courses such as CPA are still teaching stuff not perfectly aligned to the job market. Let us take an example of the Comprehensive Income and Expenditure statement.  For over 5 years the ICPAU has been teaching and examining only that accounting that involves trading companies while neglecting the services industry despite the increase of the services providers such as financial institutions, consultancies, internet cafes, etc.. Many of these do not hold opening stock, closing stock, sales and purchases. Are these not the ones in need of the accounting graduates?

No wonder we are still producing illiterate graduates. Can we on top of teaching children basic English also direct their mind to the relevant knowledge that is tailored to the environment? Can you imagine that in 2016, some universities teaching Taxation were using 130,000 as the threshold for charging income tax? Let us leave that as is go back to January.

So when the months of January and February are too hot that marrieds can’t make love and produce children in September and October, let us edit the Malthusian theory to add Climate change as a positive check. After all the theory seems to be good for discarding since it advocates for abstinence over use of contraceptives.

Lastly, to those that wish to marry, please marry after March before January of the preceding year. If you’re to marry in January, plan for honeymoon in Europe or the Americas. That is if you don’t want to come out of the hotel room sweating like one from sauna or steam bath!


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